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    Question anatomy: brachioradialis vs supinator longus?

    are these two muscles the same muscle? i ask cause im studying arms in loomis's figure drawing for all its worth and its confusing me because these arms dont seem to be consistent from what i can tell. so for instance, page 55 on the pdf, 62 actual book, the second arm on the left shows a supinator longus next to the flexor c radialis, then on page 56\63, the arm labeled, "inner view right arm" shows the muscle next to the flexor carpi radialis to be the brachioradialis. im not sure how, if they are two different muscles, they dont both at least show up on that first picture i talked about. the arm "outer side" on page 56/63, shows both, the brachial radialis is somehow under the extensor carpi radialis, between it and the extensor communis, but back to the last page, 55\62, the 3rd and 4th arms up top show the same group of muscles but the brachial radialis is no where to be seen. i dont know. im very confused trying to figure it out, im sure im missing some nuance or something but i cant quite figure it out and i hope someone can shed some light on it for me cause otherwise im finally starting to get anatomy after a long struggle of not being able to crack it.

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    via that wiki link:
    In older texts, the term "supinator longus" was used to refer to the brachioradialis, and "supinator brevis" was used to the muscle now known as the supinator.
    thanks, that clears that up. i guess its just an error that they were listed as two different muscles in the book

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