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Thread: Updated! The art of the feminine form with Manley/Zhanglu NOW ON DEMAND!!!

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    I hate to piss against the wind but this format is really annoying. The audio quality is terrible, the picture quality is also really bad.

    Is there anyway Jason or someone at TAD can screencapture this and add it to the original audio file, then release as a downloadable video?

    Some of us dont always have access to the internet and definately not enough to let this entire video buffer, really wasnt sure this is what I was in for when I paid.

    On the other hand the lesson looks great (especially considering the great price), have yet to watch it (because of internet issues) and was wondering if Jason could supply me with the video link that he speaks of at around 11min40 in.
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    hi all

    let me start by saying I love MB and all they've done for the community and that I've previously purchased a lot of their downloadable training videos (seriously suggest the entire Jason Chan range and the nox vids they're properly epic ^^)

    However that being said I cant refrain from commenting on how disappointed I was with the delivery of this specific stream.... the audio is far from perfect and the video is choppy as hell almost to the point where the entire thing is un-watchable.

    That being said if it wasn't for XAL (thank you soooooooo much XAL) I would've quit long before the 43 minute mark of this video.

    For those who have purchased without knowing at 43 minutes and 47 seconds a link is posted which allows you to view the video Jason streams directly, thus getting over the horrible chopping/cutting lag issue. Once this is circumvented this makes for a much more enjoyable and educational experience.

    Tbh I am extremely disappointed that MB didn't enclose the link or even refer to to the issue or the solution for this issue in the download txt file provided when purchasing this product as I'm sure this would reduce the number of complaints/bad feelings. I cant help thinking that if someone had reviewed the VOD stream before releasing for public consumption that this would never have been an issue in the first place.

    That all being said I am still a fan of MB and still appreciate all they have done for the community.

    I hope this post hasn't come off as too negative and that it helps MB with its future training releases as I honestly believe that they, and the products they produce, are an invaluable asset to the community.
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    i agree, i just bought it and started watching the streaming video and as cool as it is, a download version would have been much better however for $7.99 im still okay with it
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