Sea Lions

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Thread: Sea Lions

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    Magical banana near the big boot :D
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    Sea Lions

    The smaller sea lion got owned by the bigger one
    Anyway, I'm still learning a lot about art, and I figured that I fail at making pictures dynamic, and I'm trying to improve in that department. Also, I am having a bit of a problem to fit in the african lion in the polar surrounding. Or other way around.
    Any opinions on the composition, colors, or the characters, would be very much appreciated.

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    Why yes, I do have a sketchbook, a Tumblr account and a page on DeviantArt.
    I also happen to be a high school student who dreams of working as an illustrator or a concept artist, so any kind of critique is welcome!
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    In all honesty, I think you're kind of biting more than you can chew, especially if you say you're still a beginner.

    The horizon looks odd, unless they're on a big wave. The ice the seal is on looks unconvincing.
    You should go a practice a lot more, look up references of lions, seals, ice, and practice rendering water.

    Also, fix your photoshop brush.
    Go to the Brushes Panel,
    then click on Brush Tip Shape and set the spacing to 1%.

    Good luck with everything.

    Visit my sketchbook here
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    I totally agree with NecroPhone, it seems that the basics are still lacking for you to take on such a relatively complex piece. Sure you mostly study by doing but I would advise you first to explore things like the rules of perspective, color theory basics and anatomy. Other then that it is wise to start an illustration with thumbnails for composition practice (your lion is blocking too much of the canvas) and with intense reference studies for your characters and environments (animals, ice, water).

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