Hi, sorry if is the wrong place..

Im always looking for tips on scanning pencil drawings, with the same problem that it looses lots of detail...well, what I found is lots of opinions in different places and really dont know "THE" good way of scanning pencil drawings.

The thing is, well, lots of ppl do just pencil drawings, we saw pencil drawings on internet, so theres have to be one good way of doing that.

I alredy saw ppl saying to scann with not less than 1200 dpi and colored mode, but 'gahhh', 1200 dpi is a very slow scanning proccess, and I dont see what difference can full colored mode help(gray scale mode is just the rgb average value of the pixel isnt it? why it have any difference?) And not mentioning the size of the file, with makes every adjust a slow proccess.

Any tips?