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Thread: Spider-Woman on the Prowl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elwell View Post
    Unless he was fighting a shark with a lightsaber.
    It's a good thing Batman carries around that trusty Shark-Repellent BatSpray!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avvatar View Post
    I agree with all the comments about the proportions, she looks more like hippopotamus woman than someone who is agile and can move fast. It also looks like more like an assignment I did where we practiced extreme foreshortening which I doubt you intended. Her head and upper torso is really small compared to her butt. Also I think she would look really awkward standing up. I don't think those tiny feet would be able to support her very well or provide much balance. And as mentioned the bricks aren't scaled properly.
    So how do I go about scaling the bricks properly? I was also wondering how I'd scale buildings in the background.
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    RE: The Bricks

    I'm not feeling well enough (and I'm not talented enough) to help with scaling all the buildings in proportion with Spider-Woman, but as far as the bricks go, they need to be scaled in proportion to her.

    Example: For me, the red bricks in the wall at my house are roughly as long as my hand, and probaby about as tall as my palm is wide... so for this picture, I'd draw Spider-Woman's hand as a stand-alone, use it as a standard of measure, and see how big the bricks should be in comparison. Granted, I'm using just rough estimates, and of course you can adjust as necessary for artistic reasons, composition, different building materials, etc., but that might be a place to start.
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    The closer the building the bigger the building. Closer buildings also have more detail then the buildings that far away.
    like this one -
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    There seems to be a thick heel on the left foot/shoe/sandal, but none on the right. About Falchion's second point, I'm not familiar with the character, but I assume the webbing between the arms and torso are to facilitate gliding. In that case, they should attack to the back sides of the arm and torso, so as to increase surface area, and to more practically buffer the descent with stability. There should be some drawn indication of where and how they attach.
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    holly sardines!-Robbin hahaha. Anyways, spider-woman maybe has junk in the trunk but not of a fat woman and as big as you drew. It's more firm and toned down and suits her body.
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