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    Simple anatomical criticism needed :v

    So Basically im taking this figure study i did of a girl in my class and trying to turn into a graduation picture of sorts

    Cant fit feet into picture; any way around that?
    Ways to feminize the face? (ignore the blotchy eyebrows for now, just errors)
    What to do with that second hand? As you can see im messing around and placing it on her hat at the moment.

    any redlines/crits are GREATLY appreciated :v

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    Can you redraw it on another sheet only smaller to fit everything in and not make it so crowded? Female features usually include smaller chin, fuller lips softer brow ridge.

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    Hello Desgardes!

    You have a wonderful start here, I will try and help with a little advice.

    1. When planning a piece, from the very beginning you can do a couple things to avoid problems like missing feet.
    a. Plan your composition using a smaller, separate sheet of paper. By drawing many blocks on it and making thumbnail sketches, you can get an idea of what you're going to try and achieve before you begin to sketch without wasting big paper.
    b. When you begin sketching if you know the position and the gestures you're trying to achieve then start out extremely loose. Begin blocking in shapes where you think the body will go. It's alright if you erase and redo and re-tweak - it's part of getting it just right and it will allow you to show every piece and detail you want to work in.

    2. As for your anatomical inquiry, the best advice anyone will ever give to you is to learn your anatomy. The better you know it, the better you will be able to draw it. Someone once told me this and it's probably the most invaluable piece of information I have ever received. With the knowing of anatomy you will be able to structure your characters with feminine or masculine qualities without even thinking about it!

    The big question now is how and where to begin with anatomy, right?

    The best online resource you will ever have are a series of books by Andrew Loomis, found right here for free:

    Begin with Figure Drawing then move on to Head and Hands.

    The reason I say this is because we humans have a super critical brain when it comes to heads and faces. We judge them very harshly because we look at them all day every day. It's how we evolved such a sensitive facial recognition pattern - it's just human nature. That being said, drawing the face and head is going to be the hardest thing you will ever have to draw or paint.
    If you have enough practice with the body (believe me it goes faster than learning faces.) it's much easier to draw heads - just because you are understanding the body so much better.

    3. As for the other hand, I think she should have the arm crossed over her torso to her opposite hip as if she had just come up from a respectful bow. Try it!

    Good luck, happy painting, and above all have fun!!

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