Hey, my name is Isaac, a friend told me about this website, so id thought id check it out, and so far I love it. A little about me im a art major in school, i draw alot, but lately been slackin off, my new goal is to draw everyday, like i did in high school. I feel like my art work has gotten to a point where it has plateaued probably from not drawing as much as I used to. I want to get over this hump and keep getting better. I plan to draw everyday and hopefully post stuff here everyday. I plan to post a lot of studies and class work here, as well as other random doodles. I would love a lot of constructive criticism. Thank you for your time and enjoy.

P.S. sorry for the camera quality I am saving up for a scanner, ill maybe have one in a month or so.

sorry if that offends anyone, i was just being silly.

just some quick hand studies about 10 min.