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    lionheartGFX: Thank you. Proportions is something I defiantly need some serious study on!

    JamesSimons: Thank you. I plan to show my potential sooner then later

    Wingal: Thank you, I had completely forgotten about that video

    : Thank you kind sir!

    Yemi775: danke schön!

    Lots to figure out/do still! Happy holiday's to all, Fröhliche Weihnachten!

    I'm done with this! But it's not done
    Name:  SM-Covers.jpg
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Size:  169.0 KBName:  SM-Interiors.jpg
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    A still life and a quick one from memory
    Name:  Still-life-17-12-12.jpg
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Size:  36.6 KBName:  Fluff-after-still-life-17-12-12.jpg
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    Master study after Harold Speed.
    Name:  H-Speed-old-joe-study-19-12-12.jpg
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    A photo study, tried to use the master study
    Name:  Photo-study-21-12-12.jpg
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    Name:  SB-Page-23-12-12-1.jpg
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Size:  111.4 KBName:  SB-Page-23-12-12-2.jpg
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