We just want to let you guys know that for the first time the German magazine “Airbrush Step by Step” has been printed in English for the international market. Until now the English edition has just been available as PDF-File. Have a look at our free try or order the brand new printed edition 02/10 in English under the following link:


“Airbrush Step by Step” contains detailed how to descriptions of all kinds of airbrush illustrations, custom painting, bodypainting and further airbrush use. Read about events and news from the European airbrush scene, tips from experts as well as reports on airbrush jobs and projects.
These are the topics of the latest edition 02/10:

- A photorealistic self portrait by Marissa Oosterlee
- A photorealistic Step by Step by Luca Pagan of motorbikes in Honolulu
- A Basic Step by Step for beginners: How create a galaxy with stars and planets
- A Step by Step for Custom Painting on a Harley tank
- A part of the “Custom Painting Classroom” series by Dennis Mathewson

New airbrush magazine in English language

If you want to publish your own works you can send in a how to description of one of your projects or one of your most beautiful pictures for the reader’s gallery.

Have lots of fun!