Hello, we are seeking 2D artists for an iPad/iPhone game currently in development. In order to complete this game, we will need Concept-art/Animated Sprites/GUI menu graphics/a loading screen/an Icon/some website graphics and misc promotional artwork.
An artist may apply for any number of those jobs. Some of this work may not begin until concept-art is finalized!

We will need a lot of vector based artwork as the game must adapt well for both iPad and iPhone screen resolutions. The graphics are cartoonish and should be of a quality that would not look out of place in an Apple commercial or promotion. We do have some ideas and guidelines on what direction to take this in, and a basic theme concept, but it can be changed if a better one is suggested.

This game has been given a decent budget but no specific percentage is allocated toward artwork at the moment, so payment is negotiable. Please submit the kind of rates you have in mind and which area(s) of work you are interested in, we also want to see some of your past work and any links to a portfolio. Also let us know what your desired payment method is. It is important that our artists work quickly, since we are a small studio and tend to move much faster than larger companies.

*Contact us at nanotalon (at) gmail.com. We do not check these forums regularly.