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    Finding an artist

    A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of these forums. I'm working on a (very simple) web game. It may or may not go anywhere.

    However, in order to give it the best chance, I would like to find an artist who can do some good web graphics...and not break my wallet. This is a mostly solo project for me, mean all costs are out of my pocket.

    The game will be a fairly simple battle game. Bronze age weapons, possibly some magic (as in low fantasy settings...not the "fabulous fireballs" of high fantasy).

    The kind of art I'm looking for is page banners, exchange banners, possibly hex or square terrain type images and some larger scenes to be determined later.

    So, am I in the right place? How do I go about finding the right artist or artists?


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    You should post this in the appropriate jobs section of the forums.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dpaint View Post
    You should post this in the appropriate jobs section of the forums.
    Here's the link:

    Tristan Elwell
    **Finished Work Thread **Process Thread **Edges Tutorial

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