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  • Inkwash Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    9 52.94%
  • xinranliu Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    8 47.06%
  • Jatari Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    5 29.41%
  • Andrew Sonea Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    2 11.76%
  • Removed by request ;D

    1 5.88%
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    Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    A visit to the good side

    Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    Andrew Sonea
    Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    Teen Challenge 81 :: VOTING :: Heaven

    Best of luck to all

    Sorry for the delay, CA is messing with me, especially when it comes to posting.

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    Nice round. Voted for Jatari. Thought it was a cool interpretation, and the metal is done really well.

    "Complacency is the womb of mediocrity. " -- Jason Manley

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    EWww! I totally want mine removed haha. I only posted it to show that I didn't bail on it all together!
    Repeat: Please remove mine from the poll :|

    Inkwash - Very unusual composition. I can't make up my mind if it works or not It might have been nice to have the person and telescope bigger. I like the colours used on the planet. Looks real nice. The hair also looks really nice. Good job on that. Would have been improved a lot if your rendered out the face a bit more. I think if you improved the face and made the telescope look metallic, then it would have been improved so much!
    Nice job this week though. Keep it up.

    xinranlui - Really nice! I love the composition on this. You are way better than me with landscapes, so I can't add much tips or anything. I might have been nice if you pushed the colours a bit more. Right now they seem a bit dull. Some more saturated points would really help to make it pop and come into a whole other level.
    Nice atmospheric perspective, and nice job keeping the waterfall as the focal point.
    I voted for you.

    Jatari - I really like the concept behind this. It looks really epic. If the dots on the path are people, I think it would have been a bit better if you pushed them further. It would help add scale! Nice job though. Keep it up.

    Andrew Sonea - Nicely painted main figure. I'm not too sure what he is doing though. I am also not sure why the angels are carrying the man? So overall nicely painted, but I think the story telling could be improved! Keep it up.
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    My Sketchbook

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    I voted for xinranliu. The arrangement of shapes and color is really effective!

    FraserMcT: Thanks for your input! I think if I trim the top 1/4 off, the image would look better. I am unsure of the composition too. I wanted to experiment with lens angle effect with the horizon, but the result doesn't look convincing. I'll open a sketchbook soon and start from the basics. I think I'm trying to run before learning how to stand.

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    okay so let's do the critz for da community thang

    Inkwash: your composition is a little empty, would've been great to see something coming out of the darkness
    Jatari: cool concept, however your colours are too grey and muddy, especially for the glowing passageway effect
    Andrew Sonea: i think that you need to be careful with your rendering, or more specifically the values you use to describe planes. the veins are popping out way too much and the drapery looks a bit too noodle-y, the reason being that you used a grey that is either too light or too dark for the plane it should be describing. kudos for the anatomy
    FraserMcT: since you didn't have the time to finish it, i think that a critique would be a bit premature

    see you guys next round!

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