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    Lend Me Your Eyes!

    Hack away with the critiques fellow artists, I'd love to know how can I improve on this?
    What qualities can I further add to make this style of mine pop?

    Something is indeed missing, but I can't really place my finger on it, too stiff maybe?

    Lend Me Your Eyes!

    [close up]
    Lend Me Your Eyes!
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    That's some nice work there. Soft, subtle, yet no muted colors, it's nice. The face is well rendered, there is no doubt about that. I think what is maybe bothering you is the same thing bothering me. There are enough anatomical nudges(as in things that are slightly off) that is adds up to the face not quite being 100 % believable. Since you did such a nice job rendering, it reads really well, but there are a few things.

    The mouth, right eye viewer, and right eyebrow viewer are tilted slightly more at a straight on angle than the nose, left eye and eyebrow viewer, and face profile. I don't think you would have a hard time resolving this, as it is so slight, the shapes and lines of the face would really just need to be adjusted a wee bit, but could make all the difference. The lines of facial measurements apply even when the face is in 3/4 perspective, and can really help.

    Only in the first image, the amount of background seems completely superfluous. There is a lot of space, but not really anything going on story wise or visually. Has awkward negative space. Needs to be cropped differently or have a reason it is in a wide format(story, design, whatever). My favorite cut you have is the close up long crop. It is visually the most interesting, and allows the viewer to see the painting you clearly spent time doing at a high resolution.

    Lovely work, almost 100% there.

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    I can't tell.
    it is so good that you are open and letting people say what they need. it s the first and true steps in true growth.

    how long you have been drawing and painting?
    one artist named drew struzan shared with me, get as much mileage as possible. make your 1,000,000 mistakes.. then you will know all of the basic rules.
    I am vinh from mvstudios i have 20+ yrs of pro experience and still learning!

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    Looks very nice C:

    Like K-san already mentioned, his left eye seems to be a bit too high and to the right, it doesn't look like it would be on one line with the closed right eye.
    I'm also not too sure about his left shoulder, while his face and colar suggest that he's standing in 3/4th view, his left shoulders suggest that he's standing in front view.
    Fixing that should be easy, just change the angle of the seam on the jacket and put the pattern in another perspective.

    What strikes me first on the background is that the columns, those black spaces inbetween the green have different sizes, that's some strange architecture.

    The background has a lot of negative, dead space.
    You can go in two directions to spice it up:
    Either you make the background abstract, a pattern, writing or a solid color or gradient.
    Or you treat the background like a realistic place and adjust the light situation a little bit.
    For more realistic light you could add light from the green patterned spaces to the sides of the columns so that you actually give them a bit more volume.
    There's a strong blueish rimlight on his head - the light would bounce from him, the floor and whatever it hits and it would light up perfectly black walls a little bit.
    Also lounges and bars (I guess that's what you were going for) usually have lots of colored light sources - a good excuse for strange light situations.
    Or you could add blueish lamps on those black spaces, making them more interesting and explaining the black light

    You could also tilt the background a bit into a more dynamic perspective so that you don't have that perfect horizontal line and more movement in the picture.

    That's it, sorry for my rusty Engrish C:.
    I just took a break to post this.
    But sometimes I also draw stuff

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    Beautiful work so far

    My two pennies: The background colours work very well but some depth of field would help make the character seem less superimposed. Apart from this his face does look a bit flat, some darker shadows on the scarred side would compliment the feel and boost the overall 3d look. Lastly I feel his ear shadows are too thick and hard, also too desaturated for this thin flesh area.

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