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    Cintiq or Tablet pc?

    Ah the age old question!

    I'm in the market for something awesome. I just sold my tablet pc, which I thought was a giant piece of crap. It ran hot, it was horribly slow (perhaps vista is to blame for that though) and the viewing angles on it were so bad that every piece I've painted on it came out grossly saturated. I blame this on my frugality mostly, because I wanted something I could you know, afford as an artist. But now I'm throwing caution to the wind. I just want something that works. I liked the portability of my laptop, and I'd love to get something similarly so, but I have yet to read a review that made me think it was worth getting over a Cintiq. And not only that, but the reviews I'm reading about the new Cintiq aren't entirely favorable (the 12in). I'm considering going back a generation and getting one of the older cintiqs on ebay, or just coughing up the 2k for the 21inch, but I'm afraid of having the same experience as my crappy laptop. Plus, I really do want to be able to paint on the go.
    What to do? Anyone have a laptop they love? Anyone go Cintiq and can't go back? Thanks for all your help guys!

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    I asked a similar question about a year ago. It's all about personal preference. I tried out a lot of computers and a lot of tablets and the like and ended up with a macbook pro and a wacom intuos 4. It's working well for me. But some of the new Lenovo tablets are quite good. I know that the fujitsu tablets are good.

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    Cintiq is the absalout best drawing experience your going to get. But the Modbook is cheaper and it has everything you need. It just doesn't have all the bells and whistles. Personally I'm waiting for the MScourier, but I'm in no hurry.

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    I heard that tablet was much more natural than a cintiq
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    I saw some videos of modbook in action, and it seems to me that there's quite noticeable delay between the pen movement and actual cursor/app response. Anyone played with modbook and can tell me some more about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imnotanoob View Post
    I heard that tablet was much more natural than a cintiq
    How does that make any sense the Cintiq is a tablet. Yeah its also a monitor But all the people that are not to brain dead to not read the manual will realize that theres about 20 different screen settings that can be hotkeyed. For instance if you want to work like a normal tablet and not look at the screen you can turn the bottom screen off and do the the same thing as an Intous. Or you can move all your pallets like color mixers, and layers or what have you maybe some ref pictures on to the bottom so that when you move your pen to the far right side your just working with in the pallets. Also you can work on the freiken screen.

    Other popular retarded myths.
    "The screen damages to easy and gets scratches/ dents."

    Well if you adjust the pen pressure settings like a smart person to where your not jackhammering the pen on to the surface then you'll be fine. Iv had mine for 2-3 years and have yet to scratch the surface.

    "I cant see what I am drawing under the pen."
    Have you ever painted or drawn In your life before, If not maybe your not ready for the cintiq experience. go pick up a thick paint brush and tell me how much of the surface you can see through a brush.

    "the screen gets hot If left on for a long time...Idk how long this is just what I have heard"

    Iv never experienced this maybe the screen does get a little hotter but mines never been noticeable.

    12wx- "the screens too small i cant see anything"
    This one pisses me off the most first off who ever buys a cintiq and is not used to setting up a personal workspace in painter or PS has no business painting. The Cintiq comes with 10 programmable hot keys 2 slider or what ever their called pads the pen has 2 button's if you ever get any more or different pens then each pen can have different buttons. Each key thats programmable can do a different thing in a different program. ***********BIG THING HERE *****
    When you Install the latest driver it has a new feature called an express wheel. Which means when you set the express wheel to a hot key for instance ,the second button on the pen, you can press it and it will open the wheel with different menus that can be changed. With this you can set ever single hot key in PS to the back button on the pen and get rid OF EVERY SINGLE MENU. I did this with my pen set ever tool to one menu and also set a menu for media and a menu for opening ref picture now i can work in PS really fast with a huge chunk of screen and control my music with the media section of the express wheel with out leaving my work. Hope fully this helps some people. I might post some pictures of the express wheels if someone wants an example.
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    Yeah i've been working with a cintiq for going on 4 years now and going back to a standard tablet is starting to feel like a definate step backward. Not that a standard tablet isn't great for practice, tablets are great tools, but if you have the option of going cintiq, or wacom tablet/tablet PC, go for the cintiq. You won't regret it.

    As Demo said above, a lot of the rumors are a bit over exaggerated. I leave mine on all day, and often use it for 7+ hours a day, yes it heats up a bit, but not so much that it's really a bother. I can't find any scratches on it after using it for 3 years and demo's comment about "not being able to see behind the hand" is spot on. If you've ever painted/sketched in reality, this shouldn't bother you one bit. If anything it feels more natural, which is a good thing.

    Definately go for the cintiq. The tablet PC won't offer the same levels of pressure or accuracy, and laptops dont have a long lifespan anyway. After 2 or 3 years, the laptop/tablet will probably start going senile and you'll likely wish you'd gotten a cintiq.
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    Great site for checking out tablet pc's in general:
    Pretty helpful site and the community can help you find the right tablet pc for you based off of your needs.

    With a bit of research, you can find tablet pc's with great viewing angle screens and all the good stuff. I hear that the hp tm2 (a consumer class tablet) if a fairly popular choice, but it has a poor screen. The hp 2730p (a business class tablet) supposedly has a great screen, and is fairly reliable. It runs both low voltage and ultra-low voltage processors.

    What I'm personally excited about is the recently released hp 2740p - complete with standard voltage processors including the i5's and i7. I've been keeping track of it for a while and so far it looks promising. This is only an option if money is no object though...

    So yeah, I'd do some digging around the site I linked to for find out all you need to know about tablet pc's. I myself have never owned one, but might invest in the 2740p once I save the funds.

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