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    Help with loomis head drawing

    Hi there,

    I've been trying to understand Loomis' ball and plane approach to drawing heads. And I have problems with estabilishing the proper size of the ball and the placement of cross. In the example below, I have no idea how the top point of the head (axis, or where the middle and ear lines intersect) can be so low on the ball in his drawing. Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm getting desperate.

    Help with loomis head drawing

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    I think that the intersection on the side above the ear appears strange to you because the ball is flattened on the sides (A portion is sliced off to better represent the basic shape of the cranium. - what is shown in Loomis's drawing is more akin to a very rounded cuboid/the skull anyway.). The size of the ball is relative to the size of the head, which is relative to the size of the body, which is relative to the size of measuring unit used. If you are just drawing the head on it's own for practice, the size doesn't matter as long as it fits on the page.

    Posting some of your own drawings would help us better identify the issues you are having, but the Loomis method requires a thorough understanding of perspective - e.g setting up a ball (from a box or freehand) in D space and dealing with foreshortening etc. It's just a question of logic and basic measurements after that.

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    Yeah - you're diagram is off as it hasn't sliced off the sides of the ball as Loki points out. Don't over-analyze this stuff thinking it is a "one size fits all" thing - it is just a good way to get started and keep things under some sort of guidelines. Combine these ideas of construction with plenty of observation from life.
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    I agree with Jeff.

    Loomis was great at putting shapes together to create the head. That is one reason why he was the guidebook for all comic book artists.

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    Thanks for the reply guys.
    Actually the thing that bugs me in the original drawing is how the intersection of the ear line and middle line can be that low on the ball, as the viewpoint doesn't seem to be that much above the head

    But anyway I'm staring to understand how this method is to be used (i hope).

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