Hello and thank you to everyone nice enough to take the time to glance at my little space, my name is Aaron a 20 year old student from England.

Well as you can guess by the title this is my first sketchbook here, or anywhere for that matter. I have been lurking here in silent admiration of some of the truly skilled and hardworking people on this forum for rather a long time. At first it was just awe then slowly as I came across more and more people who made such huge progress in such a small time frame I started thinking to myself "Hell, why can't I give that ago?!"

I have been doodling since I was young and even took art in school a little over six years ago (which was as I am sure some would agree a rather sad state of affairs) but ever since then I simply have not picked up a pencil and regret the fact I never kept up with it. Well sixs years later what little I did pick up in school has wandered off blindly and I am left at the start of this road again.

I will aim to update everyday!
I must appologise for the poor scan quailty (not to mention the poor art quaility ^.^). Everything from the bird table down is from the yesterday and today. The poses are 60 seconds (it appears I am rather slow.)