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ANNOUNCING's first event! I have seen so many competitions on other web sites and I thought about that for a bit, but I don't want my visitors competing with each other. I want them to learn from each other and I want them to become inspired by each other. So here's the deal:

Our Visual Music and Poetry Event will run for one week. During this time, if you wish to participate, you will need to pick out a music piece (song) or poetry piece that makes you think, feel, and one that you find emotional in one way or another.

I have found music and poetry seem to have some intriguing details in them at times, which will be interesting to see visually. What you will need to do is create a piece of art from this music or poetry you have selected. It can be a painting, sketch, doll (yes even cartoon dolls), even a photograph. But it has to come from you! I don't want to see someone turning in a piece of art that they did not create themselves, that would totally eliminate the point of this event.

The point of this event is to open yourself up to more artistic options. Sometimes we get stuck and don't know what to draw or make, well here is your chance to try something different.

Once you have created this piece of art from the music or poem, send it to me Be sure to also include your name/handle, the music or poem, and the author. All entries will be posted on (in the event section, which will be created once entries start coming in) as they are recieved. Also please state if you would like your email address to be posted with your picture (incase anyone wants to contact you about your art). You may submit more than one piece.

Please have all pieces in by Tuesday Feb. 24, 2004