Hey, relatively new to conceptart.org... I've been stressing over this piece for weeks and can't find a satisfying way to tweak it to how I want it to be, so I'd really appreciate advice of any sort.

My main concern is that this picture is supposed to appear warm and welcoming... however, because of the pose, composition and color (color is something I am still working with, forgive me...) I feel that it's coming out very stiff. I don't know if I should reposition or crop him, adjust the background, change/cut out the unfinished character, or if the entire picture should be thrown out altogether and restarted.

Currently I'm planning on throwing out the background altogether and am attempting to add in better colors (other than red and brown... hm). I still don't really know what to replace the background with, however...

[I've been told before that I have a difficult time using selective detail and color to communicate distance. It's still something I struggle with, and advice here will be appreciated. Whenever I attempt to add some purples and blues, my colors become too murky to worth with, which is why I still avoid them.]

Thanks in advance for your help!