matte painting tutorials

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    matte painting tutorials

    Here is one matte painting i did long time ago. I thought some people want to see how you can create matte painting and maybe to clear some tings about it.

    Let's start with "original plate"(term that most people use in movie/tv commercial industry for image that needs some correctures or complete redesign)

    Next one is additional image i have used to extend scene

    From now i have started "patching" and cleaning this images to fit, some color correction, sort out lens curvature, etc. Here is result

    Now i added some buildings in back and repaint some missing building parts

    In this step i added building in foreground, sky to get better atmosphere , sorted all electrical cables(witch was difficult part because i first needed to erase original ones that was covering buildings) and added rain just for fun

    And now fun part begins. Because i was chasing "28 days later"(movie) feel i wanted to see some demolished/abandoned buildings. First were streets

    Next i have "demolished" foreground buildings(take a look at left, right and middle buildings) and also added a bit of haze to background buildings for areal perspective

    Next was some elements like cars, lamp posts, small details that make this scene even more deserted.

    More details. I have sorted out some car scales, added more of them. Also some mist. But i thought something was missing that can be striking point of this image, something cool i wanted to see in it. So i added this huge building fall on another.

    final image

    Then some people gave me cool critics that maybe it was to dark and that maybe light can be off to get better feeling of abandonment, so i made some changes and this was final image. Also i have changed sky to get more light and to get some "better tomorrow" feel

    This image is done in 4k resolution that is most common size for matte paintings. Here are some details from first final version.

    If you have any question i will be glad to answer you

    Here is also my demo reel. My friends helped me to create camera projection with this matte( take a look at 43sec)


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