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  • RokasButkys Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    3 13.64%
  • pokepetter Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    10 45.45%
  • Oranje Joe Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    5 22.73%
  • zypherax Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    4 18.18%
  • Hunchback Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    6 27.27%
  • imnotanoob Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    2 9.09%
  • FraserMcT Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    11 50.00%
  • P Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    8 36.36%
  • Thirumal Amped Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    1 4.55%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Another Round, Awesome turn ups!

    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Oranje Joe
    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

    Thirumal Amped
    Teen Challenge 80 :: VOTING :: Darkness

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    Very Nice turnouts this round. Great work

    Any ideas for a new topic for tomorrow? I am kind of stuck for idea, just browing the ideas you guys posted...

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    in thye spirit of continuing the 'd' topics, how about DEATH?

    another open ended one...

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    Voted for RokasButkys. I liked the more humorous take on the subject. It is well drawn and refreshing.

    As for topic suggestions...I don't know. I think it would be good to have something contrasting to the sort of dark topics lately. LIGHT as a topic is a bit obvious, but something along those lines.

    "Complacency is the womb of mediocrity. " -- Jason Manley

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    how about Divine... if you want to stick with the D's.

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    aw you didnt enter mine! :3

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    Very impressed with the huge turn out! This is the most active I have seen Teen Challenge in a long time! AWESOME! Wish I would have finished in time but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

    FraserMcT: has a very solid application, and concept, not to mention not to shabby considering how fast it was made! The crow, a symbol of death, is a nice touch and due to the limited amount of objects the crow really stands out, but doesn't take over the image. Your great sense of lighting in the picture makes our eye go right to your charecter and then off to the distance which is very satisfying. Good job!

    Pokepetter: also interesting Idea of a dark prince, the jagged sword also works to his advantage, since a master-crafted sword would be more aligned with order and least in my mind. Good Job!

    RokasButkys: nice piece as well, I commend you for pushing it from the stereotypical style/ ideas! It's very comical and feels fun and witty. Which can also be a crutch in some cases, with the audience reading it as light-hearted and not something normally considered dark. This can be counter acted with the use of chiaroscuro techniques, giving it an over all darker mood. Good Job!

    Oranje joe: interesting piece over all, one thing about characters that is just nit picky on my part but I think is an overwhelming value...
    In order to make a connection with the audience, I recommend making the eyes look at the viewer. Right now there is a disconnect...maybe that's what you want, but when your going to put that much attention into a face I am still left wanting that connection with the character. Good Job!

    Zypherax: Very nifty idea, and unique from everyone elses. It looks like a creature design but the composition leaves me more confused than anything. All the tentacles are about the same value with the same highlights and this creates a flatness to the painting, while the overlapping creates an arbitrary depth that feels forced. For further improvement i would recommend doing 3-5 fifteen minute sketches either on paper (2"x3") or on the computer (800 px X 600 px @ 50% zoom) to work out any compositional issues prior to the rendering stage of production. Good Job!

    Hunchback: Very painterly feel to the piece, which is always a good thing to have. With the low contrast the image is easy to see, and the darkness almost feels present. I do wish there were a few more strong highlights to emphasize form, or some darker darks to create more mystery. Right now it feels like it needs a little bit more push but it definitely works as a composition. Good job!

    Imnotanoob: interesting image, cool idea using the darkness to create a warrior. With back lighting the edges of the blade would have a glow on them, not so much the front of it. Metal is a difficult subject to draw/paint cause it has so many different kinds of interactions with light that the artist has to be aware of, but is a pretty successful piece. I do recommend doing some quick 15 minute sketches as well, either on paper (2"x3") or on the computer (800 px X 600 px @ 50% zoom) to work out any compositional issues prior to the rendering stage of production. Keep going and Good Job.

    P: What can i say, you've found your style, your individual voice and can manipulate the digital canvas much like painters manipulate paint. I wouldn't be surprised if you used the same knowledge and understandings from oil painting in your digital painting. However, while the technique is good, I don't think I'm sold quite yet on the idea. I've taken some time to evaluate the visual language and think it may have to do with the ideas that eyes are the windows into souls, and since his eyes are pitch black (well dark) that the owner of the dark eye has a "dark soul". Keep entering and Good Job!

    Triumphal Amped: over all not bad for your a green horn, you should definitely try doing some still-life digital paintings. By paying attention to light, shape, and hue (color), you could easily start busting out some high quality pieces! This one in particular doesn't feel dark, and I think that has to do with the very saturated colors. No matter what, if this is something you enjoy you should keep practicing, experimenting, and learning to find what suits you best! Good job and don't stop painting!

    Good luck everyone!
    "Life is a painting; full of happy little mistakes"
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    I ended up voting for pokepeter. Although it looks a bit unfinished, I really like the composition and pose of the guy.
    Will edit in my comments on the rest later

    RokasButkys - Nice work. I think it is a pretty awesome idea with good skills to paint it. You managed to turn the forms on the face really well. It looks solid! I am personally not into the more stylised approach, so that is why I didn't vote for it.

    pokepetter - The face and hand are really nicely finished. The hands have a brilliant look of translucency to them, and the face looks mysterious. Both are rendered great! I think if you applied this finish to the whole piece, it would have been a lot better. But still, I really liked it.

    Oranje Joe - I like the way you have done the dark eye, but apart from that, I don't see how it relates to the theme. I think you could have pushed the rendering further, and it would have been to a much higher standard, but it is still pretty nice.

    zypherax - The creatures head looks well rendered and I really like that part, but the rest just seems unfinished. Because of the huge high contrast in the rest of the image, it ruins the composition. If you rendered it all better, I think it would have cleared this problem up. Still, I really love your idea. I think it matches the theme really well.

    Hunchback - Nice mood in your piece. Like I have mentioned with many others, I think it could have been pushed much further, I know you are capable! The idea and composition are solid, so really it just needs rendered out.

    imnotanoob - Very different idea than the rest. I think that the glow from its eyes would have lit up the face though, as it seems very odd that it is just the eyes and pattern that is showing, considering the armour is.

    P - Love the colours. Really nice style, and I think it is executed really well. I think that it doesn't fit the theme though. Maybe it is because I don't understand abstract pieces that much, but yeah. Really nice.

    Thirumal Amped - I like the idea, but agree with the above poster. I feel that to successfully present your imagination, you should spend time to get to be able to paint what you see. After all, that is easier than painting what you don't see haha. But yeah keep it up.

    Some awesome entries this week, and it was really fun to do. I hope we have a good turn out this week, as I know I will be there again!
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    Lovely work this week. I voted for FraserMct due to the fact I found his piece most technical and most moody. Loved the composition and the pose of the character. Made for a great profound read. The lil crow is a great addition as wel. Argh I gotta join next week i guess ;p.

    Really neat work everyone!

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    Great submissions, great advice
    21 years old, good with drawing, but new to painting


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