hello everyone, i'm a film student in school in north carolina, and am very new to working with concept artists and was wondering if anyone would like to participate in a character study for my school project

http://www.sendspace.com/file/754h7p (Download Link for 11 Reference Photos, Inspiration for Young Uncle Sam Artist/Drifter Character Study)

Reference Photography and Inspiration for Young "Uncle Sam" Character Study "The Uninspired"

poetic screenplay, abstract narrative
modern graphic novel film noir mixed with spirit of 60s snapshots haight ashbury psychedelic free spirit culture
i love imagery relating to death and transition
influential styles of art - woodcuts of death and revelation, early americana, norman rockwell, pop art and war posters, dramatic original composition, high energy editing like Crank 2 High Voltage, graphic novel 300 influence, sin city, max payne, tim burton, photography esp vintage 70s snapshots, polaroids, super 8mm films such as those shown in the movie "the doors", i enjoy desaturated earth tones and "cold" looks, heavy black and white, the attention to detail of Hellboy 2 the golden army, the timeless nature of Indiana Jones trilogy, hero's journey mythic structure

"the uninspired"
young scruffy "uncle sam" iconic character, this version freshly back from vietnam war, lost and uninspired, buried beneath a rough exterior is the soul of an artist

leaves home to travel in the late 60s/early 70s in his battered vw bus, only possessions are a ruck sack and a violin