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Thread: Concepts for Adam Kitchins Parallels.

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    Concepts for Adam Kitchins Parallels.

    A sneak peak at early stage concepts for the pilot for Adam Kitchin's "Parallels" Which is a science fiction/Horror Series currently in production for 2010 for end of the year transmission, I will keep updating the thread as I create more concepts

    What is Parallels?

    "Parallels" is a UK Drama series, which incorporates heavy Science Fiction elements to a character driven story, set in the year 2210.

    Unlike shows of today, and that of the past, "Parallels" is based on modern day events, break throughs and understandings. This creates a realistic and educational foundation and one that the audience can actually learn from and in some cases even draw strength from.

    The show is darker than most in the genre and features controversial storylines, explosive showdowns and a glimpse into a possible future for the human race.

    The series is split into five seasons. Each with a feature-length episode at each end. The introductory episode "Into the Unknown" and the Epilogue: "Endgame". Each season comprises of thirteen episodes and all deal with the various challenges that threaten the Phantom crew.

    Project Status.

    With several television networks, discussions with publishers and contracts being drawn up Parallels will soon bridge the gap from paper to screen and should be arriving on UK television late 2010. For those of you outside the UK, you'll be pleased to know that many American, Australian and European networks have also expressed interest so keep an eye out!

    The Website:
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    Visit My Concept art Blog at :
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    Jilarian Concepts

    Jilarian Concepts male and female

    Check out my blog @
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