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    SkiDesignS' Illegal Gamblin' Collosseum

    I am currently in the process of designing a PC card game to be released...some time in the future, and, being the sole artist on the project, I have decided to start a sketchbook here to add to my incentive.

    The game is based around an illegal gambling ring set beneath a sprawling fantasy-themed city. The scale of the competition is great, entire armies vying for control of the mighty arena and their masters' acceptance. The factions participating in the bloodbath are as diverse as they are dangerous.

    Without further ado, I introduce the first faction (the one the original game idea was based upon), the Menagerie.

    The Menagerie consists entirely of captured beasts from the caves that dot the surrounding lands. Due to the tremendous efforts used in capturing most of these beasts, they are handicapped in some way or another, to give the rest of the fighters a "fair" chance: a mighty minotaur might have a horn chopped off, putting it off balance, for example, or a Medusa might have its eyes gouged out.

    I have attached an image of a Minotaur and a Forest Troll. These are not finished designs, as the whole point of this sketchbook is to develop these, as well as any others that will crop up. One of the pending modifications to the minotaur, for example, is that it will be more of a centaur-like creature (as in it will have the body of a bull, the torso of a man, and the head of a man-bull-thing).

    Update to follow tomorrow (I hope).

    Aww, crap, sorry for double posting, can someone delete this please?
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