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    Lightbulb Read Before Posting: General Troubleshooting for Wacom Tablets.

    Before posting questions on why something doesn't work you want to make sure you have the following done - and this is after you read other sticky posts!:

    1. Installed the latest drivers from Wacom's site. Using the tablet without getting the latest driver from Wacom's site usually is the most common reason for malfunctions with the tablet.
    a. If you have an older driver it may be a good idea to completely uninstall the old driver, then REBOOT before updating the new driver. It isn't necessary for driver versions 5 and up, but any version 4 to a version 6 driver you may want to do the previously mentioned.

    *For intuos 5 a reboot is necessary for the new driver

    2. Do not plug tablets in USB hubs. They tend to act more quirky when you have them in a hub and it is recommended you use the port on the computer. You may have any number of problems from sporadic responses from the tablet or even wavy lines.

    3. If you have switched from one make of intuos to another or have multiple intuos tablets installed - if you're not using one, uninstall it. Many programs have issues with reading more than one tablet. Good example is Photoshop. So You can either keep separate preference files per tablet, or better yet just use one. Laptop users may want to do the former if they use multiple tablets due to portability.

    4. Photoshop has a known problem with the intuos3 tablets. Sometimes the service will stop and you need to unplug the tablet and restart Photoshop after plugging back in the tablet. Save any work you've done first of course before restarting Photoshop.

    5. Scratches on the surface on the tablet in most cases are fixable. Most users are unaware on certain models, but the intuos are protected by a surface sheet. If you see scratches, you can buy a replacement sheet at the wacom store. It is not recommended you completely remove the surface sheet to work directly on the tablet's surface if you fear scratching the tablet. Scratches will interfere with drawing, so at the very least keep the sheet on. In addition if the nib (plastic piece on the pen) is causing the scratches, replace it. You can use your teeth or a pair of tweezers to remove and replace a new nib.

    * Intuos5 touch does not have an overlay. If you scratch the surface you need to send it to Wacom for repairs

    6. There are no current frictionless surface sheets out on the market for the intuos4 if you are worried about nib wear (I will remove this when this changes). There are third party venders that sell covers like PORUS but use with caution.

    7. I general Wacom Styluses are NOT interchangeable with older models. If you have an intuos2 your stylus will only work with another intuos2 model. Do not buy tablets off ebay or any site without a stylus until you are sure you can buy and afford the stylus for that model. The general price is 50 dollars and over depending on model. Intuos stylus is also not compatible with other wacom tablets, ie the bamboo or graphire. The only exception is that an intuos3 pen can work with the first generation of cintiqs and intuos4 pens will work with the new ones that have a similar touch ring as the intuos4.

    Graphire pens may work on tablet PCs

    *Intuos 5 tablets are the first tablet that can use intuos 4 pens and accessories

    9. Open Canvas 1.1 will not work well with a cintiq. Open Canvas with the network version seems to have issues with a cintiq. It will not accurately line up with the cursor, and depending on monitor setup, won't read at all.

    10. Easy Paint tool Said will only ready the first tablet installed. Even with the newer drivers that will switch profiles, it will still not allow pressure sensitivity to the second tablet if it is another intuos. This may be different for Cintiqs or Bamboo graphire combinations since the drivers are different. Easy Paint tool Sai may also not accurately map your strokes if you use dual monitors. Map your tablet to the first monitor.

    11. There is a known bug with Photoshop and how your pressure sensitivity works. I have posted a thread and video on it called the Rounded Stroke bug. This bug affects all OSes and appears to affect intuos4 and intuos5 models as well as newer Cintiqs.

    *There is another bug mentioned called the Shoelace bug. This bug affects Windows 7 users.

    12. If you do have a problem, by all means please ask in the forum, but remember to mention the following.

    a. Your Operating System
    b. What software you are using that is causing the problem (and version number).
    c. Whether or not you're using the latest driver (in which case you should do step 1 first before posting).

    Other advanced users feel free to add or make suggestions to this troubleshooting guide, I have less knowledge on the cintiq so tips and troubleshooting you'll have my gratitude.
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    Updated the list, if any other feedback can be given for Cintiqs and other devices please let me know.

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