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Thread: New to Wacom

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    New to Wacom

    I'm not a new tablet user since I've had my other tablet, an XP-Pen, for 4 yrs. However, the company in Japan that made no longer makes replacement pens for it and the problem I had with the XP-Pen was that although it still worked as a "mouse", the pressure was no longer applicable to Photoshop CS4 (the lasso tool didn't even work), opencanvas, Paint Tool Sai, or Corel Painter.

    Because of that, I resorted to getting a Wacom Intuos 4 medium tablet instead. It's most likely a very bad choice for someone who's not even amateur to get one of these, but I didn't want to go for any of the Bamboo models (although they were pretty tempting >.<).

    Let's put it this way:

    I SUCK at gripping the pen correctly, and it doesn't matter whether it's a stylus, Sakura Micron or simple ballpoint pen. Plus, because I tend to "sketch"
    my inking, I think I might be putting too much pressure into the paper. I don't want to ruin my new tablet. >.< Are there any tips on holding the pen correctly to apply just the right amount of pressure so that the surface doesn't scratch and the stylus itself will be used for many years to come...? I want to practice a soft CG style or even a painting style but I fear messing up my tablet. How do professionals deal with that?

    Maybe what I'm asking is, how can I keep my tablet in good shape without using it so little?

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    Like I've mentioned before on another thread, a lot of time will be taken at adapting to your new tools. I lot of people go at a tablet the same way they use a real ink-pen or pencil and scratch up their tablet or wear out their pen nibs...

    Think of it this way:
    Do you use a paintbrush like you use a pencil? Do you apply the same pressure to a paintbrush as a pencil?...
    The same applies with a tablet/pen.

    You might want to toy around with the software to get the preferred response to your strokes, some of my painting programs allow for pressure levels to be adjusted. Practice strokes with a thin-to-thick-to-thin within the same stroke, tweak the pen properties (I know my cintiq has "Tip Feel" and "Tilt Sensitivity", and software: Manga Studio allows adjustments to stroke thickness/pressure, Dogwaffle handles this differently, Painter has its own adjustments... every software is different and needs some tweaking.

    That all I can suggest...

    Personally I keep my levels quite sensitive and I use the little spring loaded white tip on my pen, this way it had forced me to use a lighter touch on my screen, works good for me and no scratches.
    Carrara 7 Pro, Anime Studio Pro 5.6, Hexagon 2.5, Zbrush 3.5, Project Dogwaffle Pro4, Manga Studio, trueSpace 7.6, Corel Draw X3 and WACOM Cintiq12WX user.

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    You are not likely to ruin your tablet to be honest with you. Although there are some points with Wacom like the nib wear on the intuos4 and the usb ports, surface scratches are really overrated.

    The reason why is the fact that you can just simply buy a replacement sheet if the tablet surface gets scratched. All Wacom tablets that are new have a replacement sheet on top. It's harder to notice on the intuos4 but it's there.

    If the nib gets worn, just make sure there is enough of it to be able to pull out with the tweezer grip that comes with the tablet. The nib is the point/stick at the end of the tablet.

    You can also go for an intuos3 if the nib wear is a real concern. While personally, I mention nib wear on the intuos4 models, I honestly think it's a very overrated problem.

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