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Thread: Gallery errors

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    Gallery errors

    I have been trying to setup a gallery, which seemed to work for about a day. Ever since, the bio section and all others such as images do not work - bio says "cant save" and images say "cant upload". Now, there is a link to "contact the admin" after the latter message, but I have no idea where this goes or if it gets read (I appreciate the recipient could be busy, but theres no way I can tell it went anywhere: black hole?). Is this a current site issue? (there was a very weird thread problem on Sunday which has gone now) Or have I broken something...
    I have tried deleting everything and start again, which didnt work and I cleared the cookies from this site.

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  3. Yes, the gallery system has some issues and some things appear to be broken. It is supposed to be updated when the site is redone, but I don't know when that will be. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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    No problem, thank you anyway for responding. I am currently emailing some other CA people about this so maybe sorted that way (hopefully).

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    yep, same problem here. It's been going on for a few weeks now.

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    Me too, was wondering if it was just me or if there was others. Does anyone know when it shall be fixed?

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    I'm in the same bucket with. It's rather disappointing.

    "And one day, I'm hopping in a limousine and driving away. It won't be long now."- "It Won't Be Long Now". "In The Heights" by Lin Manual Miranda.
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    Same here. Iwant to create my gallery, but I can't save anything. Bio, uploads, noting. I did manage to get my avatar to work!

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    me to

    yup the gallery is not working for me either, everytime i try to download an image it says:

    Insertion failed!
    Please try again! If it still fails, please contact Administrator.

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    I don't know if I should make a new thread for this, but I can't seem to find my gallery on the gallery main page (I can access it from my user account so it is still in there somewhere in cyberspace).
    Although I have "view all" selected I have the option to go to the next page, but when I click this, I am not taken to a new page (which makes sense if I am already seeing all the galleries).
    However, there are only a few hundred thumbnails on this page, and I expected there would be much more on such a huge site as CA.
    So what is happening? Do you get thrown off the main page after a while or if you have not updated your gallery recently or something?

    Of course I may just be missing it, but I believe I have looked thoroughly.

    And another thing: Why isn't there a link to your gallery in your profile? How do I get to see a specific user's gallery?

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    OMG, I thought I was the only one, I was trying to update my CA gallery and it said the same thing " Insertion failed!
    Please try again! If it still fails, please contact Administrator.". I find this problem rather annoying and frustrating.

    Critiques on my work always welcome!!

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    Me too. :/ Good to know it is not just me. Frustrating...

    "The Lord illuminates my darkness. "
    - 2 Samuel 22:29


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  13. It's happening again!!!!

    I can't believe this is happening again!!!! They managed to resolve it a couple of months ago, and now it's back and it seems that it's effecting more than a few other CA members.

    When will the CA admin resolve this problem once and for all. Seriously, it's really getting annoying. I'm sure everyone here would agree and would be entirely grateful to have someone over at the admin office that's competent enough to handle such a problem over there.


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    I have the same problem. I could upload images, but I can't get anywhere with the biography. Pleeez somebody solve this.

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    It will be solved with the update of the whole site. I don't have an exact timeframe on that, but it's supposed to be coming soon.

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    Gallery Errors Arrrrrrrrg!

    Me Too. Glad I'm not alone.

    Peace to all! - Jeff

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    Emily thanks for your responses. We're all eagerly awaiting the site update because it's starting to look long in the tooth.

    Are you guys looking for developers? I can donate some of my time towards trying to fix the gallery CSS because it's broke right now. No promises though.

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  18. Yeah...I just tried to make a gallery, but it won't work either, and i ts been a while since these posts were made. I can upload images fine, but my bio won't save, so my gallery doesn't show up. =/ It's a shame. I hope the site is redone soon, it seems to have a lot of problems.

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    Hello I'm having trouble editing my bio, it will just give me the error "Couldn't save information! Please try again..." I was wondering what was up with that. A thread already existed so I thought I would just necro it...

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    Happens to me too, on both Firefox and Google Chrome... I managed to upload images, but my gallery won't show them because there is no bio, and I can't update my bio or the info on the left because of the error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emily g
    The issue is not just fixing the gallery. The issue is the site is being completely redesigned. The redesign has taken many, many months and is close to completion.
    I know it's frustrating that this issue hasn't been fixed yet, but it's a better use of time for the programmers to work on the new site than to fix an old gallery that is going to be replaced anyway.
    It's a post from 2010 and they still didn't fix it >.>

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    It's still a problem? "You could be here so draw!" is a bit of a tease then

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    Jan 2012
    Yup. Happens to me, too. But is the re-design already done by now or is it still in working? I wouldn't know because I haven't known the site for so long...

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    I have found my gallery and bio suddenly gone- poof! Is it related to the other problems discussed in this thread? Is it temporary, did it get purposefully erased for some reason and if so why, and/or do I need to set it all up again from scratch?

    Here's the link-

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