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Thread: How To Train Your Dragon

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    Well heck, I guess I should have looked that up.
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    I enjoyed it more than Avatar. Granted Avatar had some AMAZING visuals, but How to Train Your Dragon was less pretentious. I had a great time and actually wouldn't mind seeing it again. Chris Sanders has this knack for making really wide headed creatures extremely enjoyable. Now I want to add Toothless to my insane Stitch Collection.
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    I just wish you could find more memorabilia to this movie! Only Wal-Mart is selling the figures and, when I tried hunting for figures the other day, virtually all stores their pegs were EMPTY. Only one had a few figures left!

    I dare you to try and find a decent looking plushie of Toothless anywhere too! Unless it's custom made the store bought stuff is pretty lame looking. I might just learn how to sew at this point so I can have a nice looking dragon plushie!

    I'm with Patricia too! I saw it in 2D and I think this Sat I'll see it in 3D.
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    Someone share with me, please.

    How did this movie differ from your usual Dreamworks picture? I usually stray from them like the plague, because I'm not one for butt jokes and other oh-so-popular "kid" humor.

    This looked like a good movie, though, and I kinda wanted to see it. But I swear to god if I wind up seeing another kung fu panda or madagascar I'll gouge one of my eyes out.

    Help? My wife and I are kinda interested in seeing the cute dragon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Two Listen View Post
    Someone share with me, please.

    How did this movie differ from your usual Dreamworks picture? ...
    This movie is better than past Dreamworks flicks. There isn't the usual dependance on gimmicky humor or over the top Pop references. The movie has more pathos than probably any of the Dreamworks movies and reads (to me at least) more like a Disney movie than what you'd expect from Dreamworks. Also, there are some Very nice visuals in the movie as well.

    I'm not saying it's a classic, but it was definetly more worth my 7$ than most of what's been up lately.
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    not one scene is boring,there are no butt jokes (or similar retarded stuff),no pop-culture references. if a joke comes up,it kindof just blends into the story,instead of halting it to make the joke. visuals are top notch,characters are very good,animation not as jerky as in madagascar,f.ex.
    although i liked,say wall-e very much,this film for me was better,because i often just sat there open-mouthed. i don't have a single crit. and that's saying alot.

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    really really enjoyable movie, with gorgeous visuals and story.
    Probably not "original" in the sense it explores efficient storytelling more than trying to walk new paths , but i coudn't help thinking "i've been waiting for a movie like this one for some time" while watching it.
    Althought it did try to discourage me from watching it with an uninspired trailer, title and overall promotion, factors that proved dragging (myself and) some friends along harder than usual

    @moai: Kung fu panda is worth watching IMHO!
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    Havn't whatched the 3D version,

    Something was a little uncomfortable about the atmospheric perspective or something but I got used to it. some kind or jitter or blur that wasn't exactly the same as my eyes would have liked it.

    It was busy and rich and a cross of a childhood "the black stallion" series accept with a stitch amphibian, dragon hybrid. It was too hurried in it's narrative like it was keeping a tight schedule and there wasn't well developed emotions early on. You just have to pick up loose ends as you go and feel stuff out of nowhere.

    Was cool but it wasn't finding Nemo. My son fell asleep in the cinema.

    I think the movie made up for allot by a well developed adorable character and most probably why the preview sucked for the ellement of surprise, they made it their best feature wich I think might have been a mistake. By the sounds of it it was a smashing hit with the Moms they went gaga over a cat like baby face. I absolutely loved toothless and the Viking statue's, that's about it. They even made the "girl" take some sort of a back seat as she had to compete with the man's pet. LOL!!!

    How is a lame overused line:, "and that's for the rest of it" going to compete with retractable teeth, super speed, fish puking mysterious magical animal with a matty leathery deep hue'd ultriviolet finish and extra punch in it's firepower. The femmidommination just hit the fail button there for me a couple of times and I think it was the wrong character trait for the girl. I developed a feeling of ditching that peach early on and it never left. She somehow then imagined contributing force by saying stuff like: "GO!!" when they went without her, just reinforcing her fail take on the situation. And then trying to buy thing back with a kiss. Whoopee!! What a loser the main character is for that to even work. Her personality was dislikable in many regards and illogical for real life, in real life she'd have her own cool looking dragon. They had to threaten her with allmost killing her for her to change her mind for heavens sake. Someone make us some fan art with him riding into the distance wearing a "The peach fell off" T-Shirt. Perhaps it's a Vicking stubbornness punchline or something that ties in with the moron father that said sorry too much that practically meant nothing, oh ... no .. wait.. He means it, in this take he really means it..,,... No not really he's a dumb ass.

    There was some few classic moves in there wich I thaught was kinda funny and I have seen that somewhere else. Right after the dad calls the dragon "devil", the scene changes and goes to a part where the girl had to put thaughts into the main character's mind, wich is the only time she done something usefull, and that means everyone in the set was retarded. The artists might have had some biblical unresolved baggage or something.

    The other was where he had to explain why he didn't kill it.. Everyone's internal brain dialogue is going. Say it dude, Say it.. The creature was beutifull, the creature was beutifull,. You could almost hear eveyone's minds spinning, and then he finally speaks.. that male slime and said.. No, the animal reminded him of himself in a dramatic gesture. LOL!!

    ps. In the end the animal cruelty theme came out, reinforcing some deeper punchline of continued evolutionary stupidity of the dragons who now have found new slavedome. wake up sone, we all on dragons now and they all be milling, mining etc. And we repainted the city to look like a dragon ride theme park just for you. I was surprised there weren't any Hanna montanna sound tracks in the end but I guess they didn't have the time for one(Would have been a good idea btw)

    The, now we both disabled thing made the confused attemtps or intent a little clearer but the story's speed was a little to hurried for those emotions to get there, The "dragon in my room" was just lost without lazy sunlight through the window, they needed a little gaze over the fields layed back farm yard speed for or that type of dramatic music that's been used to death in simmilar situations. or that sound a horse makes to klear his nostrils. The wow "it's that wonky illogically shaped because it's made to fit his ride" allmost made up for it.

    I'll "whatch it again" to get a glimpse again at toothles'z facial expressions wich I think present's some real research and work, they have pulled an adorable 3D character out of the hat with this one.
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    You guys make me want to go to the cinema right now too busy and don't have free time to watch and enjoy it (
    I was attracted immediately in the first time I watched the trailer, although it's really not impressive so much. In fact, the things that I love is that the characters look kute and funny, and the story seems meaningful.
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    Aw man, this movie was so awesome!!! I watched it like 30 times, and i made my own tribute video ^_^ pls watch this, i spent a lot of time making this, and im really proud of my work :
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