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  • Embers Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    0 0%
  • P (Pijus ) Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    10 66.67%
  • zelda_geek Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    1 6.67%
  • Jatari Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    3 20.00%
  • Andrew Sonea Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    6 40.00%
  • Thirumal Amped Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    1 6.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    Great Round Guys. Lots of awesome works.
    Here we go!
    *Just wanted to let you guys know that you can vote on more than one piece

    Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    P (Pijus )
    Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    zelda_geek (Props for taking part 3 weeks in a row
    Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    Andrew Sonea
    Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

    Thirumal Amped
    Teen Challenge 79 :: VOTING :: Demon Warrior

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    I always forget about these challenges. I will do next week, hopefully the topic will be good and open to lots of different takes to the same subject.

    Anyway, some nice entries this week, here's my crit-

    Embers - Cool! I like the mixed media approach, and I like the idea.
    You have managed to turn the form really well on almost all of it, but I think you should have refined them a bit more. Right now all of the forms are rounded. Would have been more interesting to look at if there were some different forms and shapes.
    The shadow you have on the ground does not relate to your light source right now though. The light looks like it is coming from the front, but the shadow is as the lighting is from directly above. Be careful of little things like this, as it is what makes your art believable.

    P (Pijus) - Wow. Really nice image here. Definitely my favourite. Not only because of the colours and brushstrokes, but I also like the design.
    It would be nice if it was refined a bit more though, as I think it would make the image read better, especially with the smoother forms such as the pecks. Very nice job though!

    zelda_geek - I like the pose you have used here. I think it shows a lot about the character. Looks menacing with the top down lighting!
    Colours could be improved in my opinion. I think they look a bit muddy. Nothing that a few studies wouldn't sort out though.
    Nice job, I hope you enter more of these as they are really valuable.

    Jatari - Very different to the other entries, and for that I give you mad props! Nice textures and interesting colours. I think that the values could read a bit better to describe the form and lighting though.
    I personally feel that the piece would be much better if the effect wasn't in there. I is far too white and steals all of the attention.
    Apart from that, looks really nice. Keep at it

    Andrew Sonea - Haha, very cool design! I like the simplicity of the demons pose. I think it shows how strong he is. I think the knight could look in more of a struggle though.
    Nice values, nice lighting, and I think you did the hands well (which is hard to do, so congrats!)

    Thirumal Amped - I like the design of the character and weapons. I think it looks a bit rushed in the execution though. Would have been much nicer if you spent more time on it in my opinion! Keep at it

    In case people take the crit the wrong way, I am just trying to help everyone improve. Keep at it everyone. The only way is up!
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    hmmm.... I most certianly missed out on this one!

    I'll have to enter next week's....

    great job everyone, it seems this challenge is gaining more popularity...

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    Voted for P (Pijus). I really like the colours and lighting. My only concern with it is that from the torso down it is a rather large area of essentially the same colour/value. It looks flat and is a little distracting. But it is still a great piece.

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    Next time I'll try a different digital medium and take more time on it. I'm excited for the next teen challenge!

    Thank you FraserMcT and
    thanks for the oppurtunity lilnebo
    You see someone better than you, doesn't it stir something inside you, doesn't it make you doesn't it make you want to do better!

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    Hehe, I totally didn't look at the deadline

    Anyway, right now I guess I'll vote for Pijus... well, I'll make my final decision tomorrow

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    Embers --
    I like the colors on this, bright blue is unexpected but still eerie! I like the traditional armor too, but I would have liked it a lot better if there had been more definition on the legs.
    Pijus --
    Um, wow. If skills were acquired through eating the hearts of those that possesed them, if I were you I'd start watching my back. Or heart. You get it.
    Zelda_Geek --
    Again, I like the blue. It's not a pallet I expected, and it's interesting. but the white background makes it seem a bit unfinished.
    Jatari --
    You consistently put out really nice work, and I like this a lot. The big maw as the demon is neat, but it reminds me a bit of a Sarlacc? I dunno, everything that is a gigantic scary maw reminds me of a sarlacc, so it's not really an issue. I loved how dynamic this is, and the high contrast between the two. The lack of detail on the angel is nice for the composition, but at the same time I wish we could've seen a bit more of it. Very nice though.
    Andrew --
    Wonderfully strange. The floating eyes are a great touch. My main crits would be that the teeth don't seem super-teeth-like in the way they meet with the gums, if that makes any sense. Like others have said, I think it would also be great if the guy he's holding up was a little more active. I do like that you stuck to black and white though, ultimately I think it works better than color would.
    Thirumal --
    It's a neat idea, you just have to work on the execution. It's something I think everybody is still working on. In terms of the design itself, I like it but I feel almost like you just kept adding onto it. Remember Coco Chanel, add all of the accessories you think it needs, then take one off. Nice first entry!

    Ultimately my vote went to Jatari. I thought Pijus' was more game-ready, but I liked the dynamic layout of Jatari's more. Awesome job to everybody.

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    Thanks for the crits FraserMcT and fawn! And thanks also to lilnebo for this challenge.

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    FraserMcT and Fawn, cheers guys for taking the time to help everyone out with some advice/crits, very cool of both of you.

    Thanks for the interest everybody elssseee, just tryina make teen challenge more enjoyable, so throw your ideas in suggestions or topics thread or pm or whatever is cool with you

    zypherax: Looking forward to seeing you take part
    Thirumal Amped: No problem what so ever man, hope you keep on taking part and hope to see a whole load of improvement from you
    Embers: no probz

    So far seems like it's Pijus' but hey, still one more day of voting left

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