Whirly's Waky Workout -- Collected and Organised Exercises
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Thread: Whirly's Waky Workout -- Collected and Organised Exercises

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    Whirly's Waky Workout -- Collected and Organised Exercises

    I posted this in my sketchbook but in the hopes it might help somepeople out if are overwhelmed with what/how to study I moved it to its own place in this section. Not that I know anybetter but I took the time to do it for myself it still might be helpful to other people.
    I have organised all the different types of study I can do into catagorys. Alot of them are taken from Vilppu and Hampton and what I have seen people do on the forums.

    The point of this is so that I can select which exercises to do. Find out which ones I need to work on. Which ones I am not doing enough of. So say next week I can sit down and say I want to do (Section 1 - 2a) and (Section 1 - 2c) and then (Section 2 - 1b) .... etc

    I have done an example of each. Some look horrible simply because I am not quite ready for them yet (eg. Section 1 4b appliction) but I needed to an example so I have some visual reference when I sit down and do them.

    SECTION 1 - Developing drawing and spatial thinking skills(everything from this section requires that I do application as well as study so if I am drawing the sphere forms I then need to do the same thing with life/photoreference)
    1) Sphere
    a. Lots of circles = hand/eye/arm and relax
    d. overlap front spheres
    c. Alive spheres
    d. intersecting spheres (pie chart)
    e. Alive Bags

    2) Cylinder
    a. Ellipse accuracy
    b. Cylinders from 2 ellipses
    c. Alive cylinders
    d. Form through ellipses to create overlapping ellipses

    3) Cube
    a. Boxes in space
    b. Soap in space
    c. Alive soap
    d. Alive Pillow

    4) Combination
    a. Combining boxes and spheres
    b. Combining spheres, cylinders boxes

    5) Gesture
    a) gesture studies - 1, 2, 5 mins
    b) from photo - 1, 2, 5 mins
    c) gesture from life - 1, 2, 5 mins

    Whichever one is done NEEDS to be followed by application! This means I am translating things rather than just copying the lines. This means I have to understand what I am drawing and a library of simple forms is made in my mind for drawing from imagination.

    SECTION 2 (Technical knowledge and imagination)
    1) Perspective
    a. ellipses in proper perspective
    b. Cylinders in proper perspective
    c. environments in proper perspective
    d. technology and vehicles in proper perspective

    2) Constructive Anatomy

    a. Head
    b. Torso and Pelvis
    c. Legs and Arms
    d. Hand & Feet

    3) Silhouettes
    a. Characters
    b. Vehicles
    c. Robots & Tech

    4) Composition
    a. Environment
    b. From Film

    Here are my visual examples to acompany this.

    If I can stick to my rules and do as many of these as I can when ever I possible can I am going to be good at this dam it!

    For now I am solely concertrating on (Section 1 - 5abc Gesture). I need to get a grip on gesture ASAP.

    My Sketchbook
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    Ohhhh... stealing this! Thank you, I'll credit you when I become famous.

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