I've been on the fence about picking up an Intuos 4 for some time now. My main concern is size. I find my 6x11 is just slightly larger than I am comfortable with, and although I've tolerated using it for several years, the idea of upgrading to a larger tablet is simply out of the question (I have a smaller desk, which I love, and have already eroded most of its real estate with a 27" iMac, 15" MacBook Pro, a desk lamp and a few pictures of the kids -- needless to say I don't have much space to work with; not to mention I just find a smaller range-of-motion more comfortable).

That being said, I'm not too excited about the I4M's/I4W's active area being as small as they are -- I really wanted a comfortable middle ground between my Intuos 2 and Intuos 3 6x11.

Has anyone moved from the 6x11 to the I4M or I4W? I'd really love to see comparison shots of the latter, as that's the tablet I'm most interested in picking up (I know it's slightly smaller than the Medium).

Anyone find themselves in the same boat as myself?

Any help would be appreciated. As things have slowed down on the web design front I'm finding myself doing more digital painting work, and I'd really appreciate the added benefits the I4 provides.