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    Medical Problems (and amberlamps).

    I have a big problem, but a little backstory.

    I used to be a sculptor until 3 years ago when my hand was severely injured. So I decided to pick up drawing after some tough times last year. Having not used my hand (left hand) for years, there was some slight discomfort at first.

    Having passed 3 years I figured if there was permanent damage I would have noticed it by now, my doctor even said there was none. However, lately I've been practicing more and more with wacom & pencil, and severe needle like pains are in my hand after a few hours to the point of stopping.

    My question is does anyone else have similar pain, maybe it's just normal from holding a pencil in the same position for an extended period?

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    Needle-point type of pains sounds nerve related. It could be carpal tunnel, you may especially notice it in your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers in addition to your palm/wrist.

    Nerve pain is a tough one to deal with, but pretty recognizable. It usually manifests in such things as the needle type pains you're describing, sometimes a "tingling" sensation, feeling of temperature changes (feeling oddly warm or cold in an area), and sometimes just a very..."hollow" (as I like to describe it) type of pain that doesn't feel like muscle strain or joint pain.

    If this is what you're encountering, it may very likely be carpal tunnel, which is - respectively, known to happen to people such as artists - people who use the computer very frequently, etc.

    I'm not sure if that's what it is, but the needle type pains made me think of it. I've had some experience with carpal tunnel in both wrists, and have had it flaring up a little bit for me lately as well. You could also recognize this by noticing the position of your wrists, as well. Bent wrists will usually cause it to start hurting or tingling after a certain period of time. A lot of people, as an example, notice it at night while sleeping or in the mornings - as a result of bending their wrists during sleepy time.

    I don't have much experience with much other than that, but there's my bits.

    Either way, I do hope you get that cleared up and figured out. It's certainly not fun.

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    i agree, it sounds like a pinched nerve somewhere. Just make sure to take breaks often and do hand and wrist exercises. Personally i use a powerball, its really effective.

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    I do get pain from my fingers more than my wrist, a lot after a looong while drawing. But its not a needle feel, and its because I hold pens and pencils differently, or not the 'correct' way according to some. I dont know, Im comfortable with my grip but it does cause pain. a few breaks not using my hand at all or to do different stuff like typing or holding larger or softer objects, makes it go away for me. I think you should take like a 20 minute break between those few hours.

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    If it's carpal tunnel, it can be fixed. My mother also used to get slight discomfort to seizing pains in her wrist and fingers till she got a surgery last year, where they cut some ligament in her palm and now she works without any pain. She also does a lot of work with a computer.

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    Do not neglect the possibility that you are hunching forward at the computer and straining your neck muscles (levators, traps, scalenes) and going into "kyphosis" a.k.a. rounded shoulder mode. Having strained neck and shoulder muscles can causes other muscles in your arm to contract by pressing on the nerves in the the thoracic outlet area. Having contracted muscles can causes symptoms similar to carpel tunnel. (Of course you should check out carpel tunnel too and make sure you have a healthy hand positioning.)

    Best of luck and make it a habit to be smart about your postural habits.

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