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    Crimson Monkey WIP

    This was heeeavily inspired by Brink's new cinematic trailer.

    How I thought this scene: The Crimson Monkey (running dude, mask going to be dark red), had infiltrated in area in silence and planted explosives in tower. But then he was sawn and alerted. Stealthy escape wasn't possible anymore, so he timed explosives to blow up immediatly, hoping it to take out someone at the same time. He jumped down the tower, rolled to soften the fall and started running. Then BOOOM!!!

    First time trying to do buildings and stuff. Any advice would be nice, but I'd really like to have some redlining of that jumping dude about his anatomy/pose/position. Having big problems with him. I'm also going to make another dude at the door or at the roof, next to the tower, shooting.
    (Explosion is going to be more refined, isn't ready yet)

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    EDIT. Hooow can I change that little pic in thread list? : P
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    I'm liking the detail on the characters for sure. I'm finding some contrasting issues with the characters in contect with their surroundings.
    - The dude chasing CM needs be darkened a little more against the bright light behind him.
    - The foreground (Pipe, bag, barrel and corrugated iron) needs the same amount of contrast as the two characters. Maybe make them a bit out of focus as they take up a lot of canvas room, but shouldn't be something the viewer should be looking at for too long. So darken them up, give them highlights round the edges and blur them some.
    - Same contrast suggestions for the ground around CM and a little behind him.

    Something else I noticed...if CM is running, or sprinting, then his left hand would be clenched into a fist, or straight out and stiff. Well techinically it could be kept as it is, it looks great anyways, but it might give a more running feel to the action. When you work more on the explosion, give it more of a cauliflower look - meaning more puffy and cloudlike. It;s halfway there already, but first impressions it looks to spiky. But it;s like you said, you're working on it so should be awesome when completed.

    EDIT: I've just noticed you wanted help on the jumping man I'm not the best at anatomy so I daren't redline him for you, but it seems unclear as to where he's jumping from, or if he's jumping down from the explosion. At the moment I can only gues he's kangaroo awesome at jump-chasing people and came from the ground his right (our left) foot doesn't look right...maybe it should point downwards. Arms look a tad too small too.

    Hope this has helped a bit

    P.S. Can't help you with the thread thumbnail thing, they always confuse me to the point of fustration

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    Thank you very much for the tips!
    I rendered this a bit further now, going to think that jumping dude once I get background to look good. I darkened the foreground elements and adder blur to them, I hope I didn't add too much..
    Other thing that bothers me too is that I made bg more contrasty. Is it too contrasty? As now I feel that the pic looks very crowded. Of course there will be colors that might help the readibility a bit, but.

    Without further rambling, here's the pic:

    Attachment 937820

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