openOutcast - now recruiting 2D/3D talents
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Thread: openOutcast - now recruiting 2D/3D talents

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    openOutcast - now recruiting 2D/3D talents

    Hello everyone.

    Perhaps you already know about it, but just in case, openOutcast is the incoming unofficial sequel for 1999 classic PC game Outcast, and it's being developed as a mod for Crysis. We are a multinational, devoted group of talented people working in one of the most professional-looking amateur mods in the web, and we recently reached the landmark of the first demo of the game, called Oasis.

    The next milestone is to have an alpha version running around the end of the year. Our bottleneck is currently art development, so we are now in need of talented, passionate individuals with an interest in exposing and developing themselves as artists and get reasonably involved in the project while redesigning the beautiful world of Adelpha.

    If you want to grow with us, and you can confidently match or improve on the current visual quality of the game, we offer one of the best projects where to hone-up your skills and build experience in a teamwork while developing your portfolio. We are looking for:

    - 2D/Concept artists: Must have a good, preferably academic artistic base and a strong sense of design and lighting. Knowledge of anatomy and landscape painting is highly preferred. Communicative people, with high self-criticism and preferably able to express in abstract terms.

    - 3D artists: with emphasis in "artists". Good ability to interpret concepts in 3D, knowledge of anatomy and proficiency in both organic and inorganic modeling. High self-criticism. 3DSmax or Blender preferred. We use Sandbox2 for levels, and you can get the SDK for free.

    We offer a solid project, with serious chances of completion, and a criticism-open, communicative environment. If you think we are going to love your work, don't hesitate to mail us a small glimpse at your portfolio to (3-4 pieces are more than enough for us), as well as a brief note on why are you the man/woman, and how much time can you approximately invest per week on our project. Please, be serious about that last part -even if you eventually come up with your own work, communication is paramount.

    If you don't have time or whatever, feel free to comment it to your artist friends

    You can always check openOutcast development progression at

    The Oasis demo can be played with the free Crysis Wars trial, available here.


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