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    Bloody brilliant stuff you have here- don't stop now!
    Hope to see more soon.
    - Sketchbook - Society6 - Etsy

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    Where dem updates, brotha? Jerusalem market project's keeping you busy or why is there no new sweet studies here?

    "You might be disappointed if you fail, but you will be doomed if you don't try"

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    Great stuff! I like the water colors a lot, say is that on regular paper or something special? when i try it, it tends to get soggy and weird.

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    teapo - Thanks man, yeah I got back my feet as soon as that cold went!
    krysjez - Yeah youre right! I noticed it too but I didnt want to try and fix it But hopefully it wont happen again
    manvin - Thanks for the comment man!
    CUKIERass - hehe thanks
    GEB - Thanks
    benlinalexander - Thanks dude!
    Wilko - Im glad I make you want to do work
    Lyno - Heh, I would if it didnt take me so long to post on this site! haha. Yeah I know I have trouble when things get THAT saturated, just need more practice!
    Punkie - Thanks But really I suck!
    Naidy - Thanks, had to stop for a while because of college deadlines sucks.
    ismo Here you are ismo just for you! Yeah that drawing, AND weve started another one already AND all my animation deadlines Phew.. Il have that mini jerusalem market sculpture plus the actual drawing soon, maybe in the next two weeks.
    Ludic - Hey man thanks for stopping by, Yeah I do all my watercolor work on watercolor paper. For the smaller ones I bought a bunch of A4 watercolor sheets, chopped em in two to make them A5 and bound them together

    Random digi doodle I did a couple of weeks ago.
    Attachment 1165370

    Attachment 1165371

    Attachment 1165372
    A new painted I started for a challenge on DA but I probably wont finish it because I dont like the rules they use.
    Attachment 1165373
    Il'ya Repin master study. (NOT MY ORIGINAL WORK)
    For this I tried something thats been on my mind since before christmas! I got my color wheel and made a gamut mask, so I knew exaclty the hues Id be using and what I wouldnt. And then I made a digital color palete for myself with 10 rows of brightness and chroma. I found the colors I needed for the piece alot quicker and also because everything was numbered I feel like I got a better understanding. I hope to do alot more of these. If I get the time
    Attachment 1165374
    Painting for the daily sketch group. I used a limited pallete but I dont think it really helped me. I need to do more to figure out how a limited pallete can help me. Maybe some quick color experiments wit no detail.
    Attachment 1165375

    Life Drawing!
    Attachment 1165376

    Attachment 1165377

    Attachment 1165378

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    Attachment 1165381

    Attachment 1165382

    Attachment 1165383

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    Attachment 1165388

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    Attachment 1165391

    Attachment 1165392

    Attachment 1165393

    Attachment 1165394

    Attachment 1165395

    Some models. Its fun to use your hands!
    Attachment 1165396
    I made this Pink Panther head for reference for one of my animations.
    It helped alot
    Attachment 1165397

    Attachment 1165398
    This is the head of the character jump animation.
    Attachment 1165399
    A random dude, one problem with working this small is I have a tendancy to make things to big. Or maybe its just because its from my head.
    Attachment 1165401
    And a new one Ive started for my next animation project, its Dopey from snow white and the seven dwarfs.
    Attachment 1165402

    Attachment 1165403
    A tree outside my flat.
    Attachment 1165405
    Some doodles from class
    Attachment 1165406

    Attachment 1165407
    Drew this while watching a video of Ayn Rand talk.
    Attachment 1165409
    Sketches for my next Layout project.
    We all get a bit to do and when were done well put them together and .... well lets just say the drawing will be very long!
    No one wanted to draw the desert, so I got the whole thing to myself The desert can be lonely.... lol
    Attachment 1165410

    Attachment 1165411

    Attachment 1165412

    Attachment 1165413
    And heres what Ive done so far, going to be a good few changes before its done. Need to go back to the thumbnail stage briefly.
    Attachment 1165414
    These are some sketches for my new animation project I mentioned.
    We had to choose from many audio files containing dialogue from various movies. I chose the scene from anchorman when Ron (Will Ferrel) throws a buirreto out his window and hits the biker (Jack Black). Playing the role of Ron Burgandy will be Merlin from the sword in the stone. And playing the angry biker dude will be Dopey haha, from snow white and the seven dwarfs. Its been fun so far but its not going to be fun trying to animate two characters talking to eachother! Never done anything like that before.
    Attachment 1165416

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    Attachment 1165419

    Attachment 1165420

    Attachment 1165421
    Heres some rough drawings for a storyboard Im working on. Its going to be a short film about a man used by scientists for experimental drugs. Im planning to do it all in photoshop, except for the drawing. There wont be much animation, I want to create nice visuals.
    We all had to base our story on these four lines.
    I eat my peas with honey
    Ive done it all my life
    They do taste kind of funny
    But it keeps them on the knife.
    Dont ask me how I got to experimental drug testing!
    Attachment 1165422
    And heres what I do on monday mornings! Fuckin clean up. for this assignment we had to clean up 6 drawings, that took me 6 hours in total. I was one of the people who finished quicker.
    Attachment 1165423

    Might aswell link to my animations since Ive mentioned them so much!
    Il do it in another post coz im paranoid this one will crash!

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    Recent animations.
    I dont know how to embed video in ere so il just link





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    Woah crazy update! Nice to see such a huge variety of work all at once. Glad to see youre still being as prolific as ever!
    Something that I noticed in seeing so many different kinds of drawings is that your linework tends to get a bit too choppy I think, you're using more strokes than is necessary which sometimes kills the gesture. Trying to use fewer exploratory lines and going for one fluid stroke wherever possible would help create a less stiff gesture.
    Animation work is cool, not something I know how to critique. The short film storyboards look cool, the project idea reminded me of this experiment
    Nikola Odic
    you got them purty lips, boy

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    SirGreenSock - I think youre right about my lines. I need to have a think about it, but your definetely right about my multiple attempts at lines, its a habit more than anything, most of the time the first line was the right one.
    Wow dude thanks for that link, thats definetely helpful, I was thinking of the style of drawing and painting in the animation changing as the piece moves on but wasnt sure what to do. Maybe I should just get blizted for the trippy scenes haha.

    Started workin on ChoW 232 yesterday evening. Just wanted to do a sketch... this always happens lol
    The Crab man horo-show.
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    Attachment 1168307

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    hehe.. epic updates malakuko :3 quite a range of works in the #185 post! it's good you're still covering a variety of fields. i particularly enjoy the 3d models. did you use polymer clay for those?

    anyway, keep on going!


    available for commission/work

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    Teapo - Hey man, thanks. Yeah I guess I just sort of have to! Thanks yeah its polymer alright, and il use little knives and i like to mount them on something while im working so they stay as clean as possible. For me there no good as a quick reference if there dirty, uneven and hard to read.

    One last update on Crab man tonight. Wont have alot of time tomorow to finsih it, but I can at least make it a little more interesting to look at and a bit clearer.
    Attachment 1168346

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    with a lil more rendering thats going to look quiet neato

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    Awesome stuff. Your figure drawing and color work is fantastic.

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    Nice sketchbook dude, life drawings look great.

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    lolbbq - thanks man still havent gotten around to it!

    Stuford - Thanks

    Lightpunk - Thanks!

    ChoW stuff!
    Attachment 1174059

    Attachment 1174067

    Attachment 1174103

    Attachment 1174104

    Attachment 1174105

    Attachment 1174106

    Attachment 1174107

    Attachment 1174108

    Attachment 1174109

    Started working on this weeks EoW too. Dont think Il be able to finish it though. Unless I bring my tablet to where Im going this week.

    Attachment 1174110

    Attachment 1174111

    Attachment 1174112

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    Self portrait this morning to warm up.
    All it did was piss me off! haha
    I was happy with the colors and shading etc but I really need to draw more apparently because I fucked up the structure!

    Attachment 1176535

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    Wow yesterdays SP was fffffffffffff*cked up!

    Did a little better today, but still feel rusty.

    Attachment 1177213

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