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  • Liffey

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  • Shadoworen117

    1 1.05%
  • Paolo13

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  • TimM

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  • Natzuur-JK

    2 2.11%
  • Vyse

    5 5.26%
  • nram

    3 3.16%
  • njoo

    16 16.84%
  • emerging

    8 8.42%
  • (lark

    0 0%
  • Bel696

    27 28.42%
  • Soupandbutter

    2 2.11%
  • Reymus

    2 2.11%
  • Fiddzy

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  • Rob Sample

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  • AcidSev

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  • DefiledVisions

    5 5.26%
  • Si Swe

    4 4.21%
  • Arteater

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  • skullbeast

    1 1.05%
  • zypherax

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  • RayTwicket

    1 1.05%
  • McGhoul

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  • JanJager

    3 3.16%
  • Lege1

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  • scorge

    14 14.74%
  • Stimpy

    1 1.05%
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    C.O.W. # 171-Giant Amphibious War Beast-Voting! Thread

    C.O.W. #171 Giant Amphibious War Beast - VOTING!!



    Topic: Giant Amphibious War beast

    Deadline for the voting: Monday April 5th, 2010

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    Artist: Liffey

    Concept: Bessy

    Capturing and training a Giant Amphibious War Beast is no easy task, but the huge profits often tempt those in need of quick money. Many embark on their journey unprepared, and end up as tasty snacks.

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    Artist: Shadoworen117

    Concept: Amphibious War-Beast

    Chosen for it's hardened shell-like upper exterior, the Diamond-skin Whale is first choice when it comes to the battle front artillery. Not only using it's shell to protect itself and it's rider from enemies, but also using it's horns and heavy front fins to smash and swipe enemy underlings. This is the first Whale of it's kind able to store moisturizing agents in it's own skin, therefore able to be on land.

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    Artist: Paolo13

    The name of this creature comes from the ancient language of the lost people, and it describes something "big and large". The Megaupload is used to guard the Ice mines, indispensable for the control of the most precious liquid on the planet: Water!!
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    Artist: TimM

    Attachment 938346

    Concept: Cthuloid Juggernaut

    After the world began anew, human scouts reported enormous creatures living in the shallows, some sort of unholy union of a host of arthropods.
    These creatures, with their menacing arched tentacles dripping with corrosive chemicals and long crab-like legs, were eventually enslaved for war and became the first of the Cthuloid War-Machine corps. Re-breather devices were attached over the gills to aid with breathing out of water.
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    dang, I've been missing some awesome topics, where the hell have I been? O_O
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    Artist: Natzuur-jk

    Concept: Beasts of Aquarion

    The tribes have grown restless lately, the accords no longer seem to hold sway in these times... Rumors of war are whispered in the wind, times are changing and action must be taken! No longer must we fear the beasts of the Aquarion, they are strong yet so are we... together... we will be unstoppable!

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    Cow Final!

    Artist: Wiegetie

    Concept: Spheniscidae Masculine

    These enormous penguins know only one thing: kill. They are known for their brutal force and impenetrable armor, making them excellent guardians against stealing thugs. Watch your back though, you don't want these to get bored...

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    Artist: Vyse

    Concept: Crab-Claw Dragon

    Although this beast does usually take no interest in humans and does not really pose a threat to them, it is believed that the tribe of one small island has managed to tame these monsters and is able to command them. However, this only partly true. There is a secret behind their power over these beasts, and that tribe won´t even share it with their closes allies.
    They have developed a device that emits a particular tune with a frequency below what the human ear can hear, just like a dog pipe. This tune will make the Claw Dragons go crazy as hell. So, if an enemy has to be wiped out, a spy will secretly place such an device somewhere in the enemy´s base. As soon as it´s activated, every Dragon nearby will go on a rampage and wreck everything until the tune´s source has been destroyed...

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    Artist: Nram

    Concept: Saturna blackdeath

    After the shortage of particular types of prey due to the extreme climate changes, the killer whales sophisticated hunting techniques led them to mutate and evolved to be able to hunt new preys in land…the intelligence, versatility and speed of these beasts makes them the perfect partner for humans in this vicious new world… various costal tribes train these beasts to do their bidding and use them to protect their fresh water reserves… although sometimes captivity still has it’s price, and these beasts will turn on the hand that feeds them…

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    Artist: Abrodos

    Concept: Colossus gilled seal

    Scientists don't agree about this species: some think they come from a size-increased form of salamander, others contemplate the possibility of a genetic mutation in marine mammals. Be it one option or the other, the thing is that these beasts have an instinct to find fresh water. The military forces want to make some profit, so they send an expedition to capture one of these colossi.

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    Artist: nJoo

    Concept: Mjölner Warbeast

    The Mjolner is actually a quiet peaceful creature, it is rarely violent and hunts for food, because of its large size it does not have much predators. While moving around, its opening at the bottom belly and feed on dead animal remains, or fruits or plants, or anything it can feed upon.

    Mjolner toad are rumored to be often used as warbeast of the ancient tribes, the name Mjolner, which is derives from the hammer of Thor, because of its large hammer like head along with the roaring sound of thunder of the creature's scream . The eyes of the creature is extremely sensitive which allows the captor to ride and control the beast trampling across anything that crosses its path. The underbelly digestive organ is used as a clean up tool that feeds on the corpse of enemy (and sometimes friendly) fallen warriors.

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    Artist: emerging

    Concept: Omarion

    Omarion is a fierce armored giant used by the "People of the sea" for war battles. Nobody knows exactly these creatures become so submissive to those tribes and their riders but what is known for sure is the devastation these amphibious beasts can bring upon their enemy. Though they may resemble a lobster/crab for the most part, they are somewhat a cross between a lobster and an insect and therefore can easily survive on land as well. However, Omarions that are sometimes raised on land grow as little as half the size of these sea giants and are different in the hues of their exoskeletons. In any case, the most important thing to remember - when you see the people of the sea on Omarions better get the f*ck out and run for your life...
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    Artist: (lark

    Concept: [*COLOR=White]Octopedis Gigantus[/COLOR]

    the Octopedis Gigantus is a descendant of the more commonly known octopi of the 20th century, its main evolutionary changes are its enormous size (roughly the size of a humpback whale), its ability to move freely on land for certain amounts of time (usually no longer the a few hours until it needs to return to water), and the migration over generations of evolution of its beak to the the ends of its now tougher skinned, muscular tentacles. the latter facilitating its ability to move itself on land by latching into the ground or into large objects so it can pull itself around. not to mention they are insanely capable weapons that its not at all afraid to use due to its distrust for most living things.

    a rider of this beast must be raised with it. being born near the time of the O.G.s birth. spending a lifetime with it, is the only way the O.G. will ever trust a rider. they then form a bond with their rider that allows him to control everything the O.g. does while riding it.

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    Artist: Bel696

    Concept: Megalaxolotl

    A unique evolutionary branch of Axolotls, the Megalaxolotl is an intelligent and strong amphibious organism. It is a mild tempered creature but can be quite ferocious when threatened, it has also been known to use it's environment wisely in confrontations. Very few have been able to tame such beasts that only reside in the coldest parts of the now reformed polar ice caps. The Megalaxolotl only reproduce one time in there lifespan and because of that the organism is very protective of it's offsprings.Those who have tamed these beasts often only do so through exploiting the organism's parental nature by holding it's offspring hostage. But sometimes this method in itself is a gamble.

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