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    White House Seeks Artists' Comments to Improve Copyright Protection

    This might be of interest. This thread is intended to spread the information, not as a place
    to discuss the political situation, there are several threads for that purpose already.

    Reposting from today's Illustrators' Partnership Newsletter:
    (More info at

    March 18th 2010
    White House Seeks Artists' Comments to Improve Copyright Protection

    New Copyright Czar begins Joint Strategic Plan to Protect Intellectual Property
    Victoria Espinel is the first U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC),
    also known as the Copyright Czar. Congress created IPEC by an Act of Congress.
    Ms. Espinel serves within the Executive Office of the President to coordinate
    with all the federal agencies that fight the infringement of intellectual property.

    Ms. Espinel and her team are specifically tasked with formulating and
    implementing a Joint Strategic Plan to help protect the ingenuity and
    creativity of Americans by improving the U.S. Government's protection of the
    rights of intellectual property owners.

    Your input is requested.
    The White House is inviting your public input and participation to shape an
    effective intellectual property enforcement strategy. Please respond with your
    written submissions regarding the costs to you, your business and the U.S.
    economy resulting from infringement of your intellectual property rights, both
    direct and indirect.

    This will be a 2-part process.
    The first is to gather public recommendations by March 24. IPEC will then
    gather your input on the formulated plan.

    Please be precise.
    Include your name, city, state, and what type of artist you are. Explain why
    copyright is critical to you as a commercial artist, how infringement affects
    you, and what the U.S. government can do to better protect the rights of
    American artists. If your submission is about your economic loss due to
    infringement of your copyrights you must clearly identify the methodology
    used to calculate your losses or otherwise validate your infringement and
    enforcement costs.

    Your submission will be publicly posted.
    For this reason, please do not include in your comments information of a
    confidential nature, such as sensitive personal information or proprietary

    Confidential disclosures.
    If you have confidential business information that would support your
    recommendation or that you believe would help the Government formulate an
    effective enforcement strategy, please let them know by contacting:

    Thomas L. Stoll
    Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator
    (202) 395-1808

    Deadline: Submissions must be received by Wednesday, March 24, 2010, at 5 p.m. EST.

    Address: All submissions should be sent electronically via

    Additional Background Reading:
    White House Blog
    Federal Register Notice Request (pdf)


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    Quote Originally Posted by dorian View Post
    [COLOR="green"]is intended to spread the information, not as a place to discuss the political situation
    Something tells me it is still going to turn into that...
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    Explain why
    copyright is critical to you as a commercial artist
    What about those studying to become? is this for pros only?

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    How about, get rid of the damn Orphan Works bill and get the "industry" out of regulation.

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    US citizens... dont fuck this up.
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    One thing I'd like to suggest is if there is copyright infringement the artist/photographer should be compensated at the top end of the market, not the bottom. This way the commercial companies who would wish to use so called "Orphan Works" do make a diligent search to find the artist and come to some commercial arrangement or it could cost them mega bucks later and not the derisory token payments previously mooted.

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    Sadly the problem with copyright is it's too heavily industry controlled. The whole point of copyright was so that the regular folks can have their own monopoly on what they create.

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