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    Balancing Academia and Art?

    Hello, I was wondering if there was anyone else who is majoring in something that is not art related.

    Since I'm largely supported by scholarship money, I need to keep up my grades and community service. A little frustrating really. So unfortunately, art tends to take a backseat. I do have time to draw, but it's never as much as I would like to devote.

    If anyone else is in the same boat, how do you handle your non-art studies and artistic pursuits? Maybe I can take a leaf out of your book and kill my constant frustrations.
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    I don't know if it really counts because I am in a middle college, but...

    It is that fact that I usually set art aside. But, I at times would try to incorporate it into my school works so that I do not go insane. Doodling in class seems to help too, especially when you get a good idea during a lecture. XD However, if I find that I haven't drawn in a while for myself, I would use the time usually spent for sleeping/homework to draw, as I am currently doing, which might not be the greatest idea ever.

    I do not know what kind of other circumstances you are in, but here are some advice to consider if you had not thought of them (but I bet you did): Get everything that you really need to get finished, done so you do have some leftover time, be really good at scheduling and/or make time for your art, be it by making time for it or setting aside time for it. (<-- Okay, this last part sounds redundant...)

    But in the end, I wish you the best of luck. :)
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    I am studying for a masters degree in biology at my university and yes, sometimes it is hard to get time over for art and I don't either get to devote as much of my time to art as I wish I could have. Example this and the last week I have almost completely devoted to a morphological and genetic analysis of a plant you never heard of and after that my brain was like a porridge. But when I started studying art fo' real some months ago I now use time as efficient as possible, I draw on the buss to the uni, if a lecture is a bit boring and I feel I will get more out of reading the coursebooks then I draw, sometimes during breaks I draw, after school I force myself to go study old roman statues located at my university and I try and do this each day (if I had gone home in between I would have been all like "nah, I'll do it tomorrow"). For me currently my biology studies are almost as important as my art, but I will prioriate the biology studies before art - atleast right now.

    And my university have also helped me in my art studies, twice a week they stage a 3 hour life-drawing session with models! AND IT'S FREE! Check out if your university got something similair, maybe they do.
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    Does your university offer art classes? If they can fulfill some kind of generic credit requirement, you should take them.

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    I graduated in economics and only started studying art last april. In the end I'm glad I managed to put drawing aside when I was studying economics, I learnt other very important things and finished my degree.

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