Hello all you awesome and talentet people!
My name is Rasmus Roy and I am making this sketchbook now, to introduce myself and as a promise to myself that I will work hard to improve!
I first started drawing when I was a little boy, it was really nothing good at all just doodles you know like every child, when I grew a little older I got an interrest for Manga and I started to copy from my Dragonball books. I then lost my interrest in drawing because no one else i knew at my school was into it like i was.
Now about 5 years later (I'm 18 ) I'm back, and my desire to draw and learn is stronger than ever! I've been following Dave Rapoza on his streams since he started the monday night streams and the Crimson Daggers, and that has been a great inspiration for me.

I now finally got the guts to start a sketchbook here where i can post my n00b work, and hopefully over time I will turn from a disaster to a master
I have never been really good at drawing, so I've been studying a whole lot of anatomy lately.

From Disaster to Master (hopefully)

Here's some of that.. It's not that good, but thats the level I'm on at this moment.

I'm also trying to get used to using a tablet since I got a cheap one from my parents and I've been working on this for fun.

From Disaster to Master (hopefully)

It's a WIP of a race called Pannathians I am doing for one of my mates homemade DnD setting.

So anyways I hope you will somehow enjoy and I'll get back to you soon with more updates