We may not need a full on animation job, but simply a bit of help figuring it out for ourselves. Essentially, we are looking for a person who is familiar with flash animation; nothing elaborate or difficult, just simple animation like a person walking, running, or throwing a ball.

Our artists have base character images, however we don't exactly know what we need in order to animate them. Beginning and end frames, different steps for each action, this is where I say we need help. We have Adobe Flash, and have figured out the basics of movement in it, but we're looking to either bring someone on that can smoothly and quickly animate multiple images, or gain the assistance of a similar person to help our artists get it done.

The characters we are looking to have animated appear similar to the ones here:
http://meago.deviantart.com/art/Chibi-Zodiac-138208981 (Please note these are not our characters, simply used as reference for this post)

To further my earlier example, we need someone able to animate one of those characters to appear as if they were running or throwing a ball, from a side to side (3/4) view. Our artists will provide any images necessary, which is why I say it might be enough to simply show us the way. We're just not familiar enough with animation.

I realize this post wasn't as clear as some of our previous ones in search for other artists, but hopefully it made enough sense. If not, please don't hesitate to ask and I will do my best to elaborate.

Regardless of which route we go, the person will be compensated for their work; whether it be for "tutoring" or for doing the animation.

You can contact me at Project@ctmod.net

Thanks as always,