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Thread: What's a good textbook?

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    What's a good textbook?

    Hi, I'm new here. I draw a little, I've studied anatomy from photos, never took art courses outside basic highschool stuff. Looking to pursue art, in a serious manner, most likely professional one day.

    I like having textbooks. Its too random for me to study out of life itself, not to mention the obvious complexities involved for the newbie. Its like giving the internet to a toddler. Sure he'll figure something out eventually, but dontcha wanna teach him to type first?

    Anyways, I've been looking to buy this book: Figure Drawing for All It's Worth - By Andrew Loomis.

    Worth it?

    Recommend anything else? (hopefully something not costing me 200 beans )

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    That book has been officially put out of print and discontinued so you can get it free as an e-book online.
    The one I would recommend getting his The Complete Guide to Drawing from Life by Bridgman. I think it's like 15 bucks at barnes and noble, maybe less on Amazon, don't let the price put you off it's 300+ pages and every one of them has illustrations on them.

    Another neat book that i picked up that I haven't seen recommended but I got anyway, is the Cyclopedia Anatomicae. Another big book but it deals more with muscle structure, and as a bonus it has animal anatomy in it as well =)

    Hope that helps
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    Loomis and Bridgman are industry standards. Loomis wrote 5 other books that are excellent as well. I recommend "Drawing Essentials" by Deborah Rockman - written to be a college course text on observational drawing.
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