Is anyone studying Fine Art at Parsons, the New School, as a visiting/transfer student? Has anyone graduated from Parsons as a visiting/transfer student?
If so, please can you answer a couple of questions?? I am doing a research project and really need more info on what it is like to come from another university to study at Parsons, either temporarily or permanently!!

1. How did/do you find it, adapting to the new curriculum?
(ie what have you gained from the experience? What were/are the difficulties/disadvantages? Any regrets?)

2. How did you find it adapting to life at Parsons, on a more personal level?
(i.e How did students and teachers respond to you as a new student joining Parsons in the middle of the degree program? Were you made to feel welcome? Did/do you feel looked after by the fine art faculty? Were/are your fellow students welcoming/friendly/disinterested? How did/do you cope with the cultural differences?)

Any other information will also be much appreciated!
If you know anything, please get back to me asap as the presentation is due on Thursday this week!