Hey CA,
I have been casually enjoying the awesome work that has been going on here for about a year (and parhaps getting a few desktop wallpapers ). Well, I have decided to try my hand at this "art" as you call it. I am really hoping to improve a lot. One of my goals is to successfully audition into the art conservatory at my high school next year, and I will certainly need all of your help to succeed!

A smidgen about myself: I live in Southern California (san diego), I am 14, in 9th grade, a pretty serious student, and I have a few ideas about where I want to go with my art.

My goals are:
1) Become proficient with photoshop painting. I dont really have the space or money for real painting, unfortunately

2) Train myself to really be confident in my lines. I seem to have a bad habit of laying down a bunch of sketchy lines to define something. I would love to have the ability to just get it in one stroke - BAM!

3) Stop sucking at anatomy (should be fun )

Without further delay, permit me to begin.

NOTE: If anyone could tell me how to get the thumbnail that becomes the sketchbook icon in the forum, drop me a line. kthx.