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Thread: Painter 8 help

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    Painter 8 help

    Hi, im pretty new on this site and with digital colouring in general but i just installed Painter 8.1 and i gotta say i dont understand nothing. If someone could write some simple basics to get me started i would be really greatful, or just paste a beginners tutorial. Becuase as far as i can see its not as easy as photoshop. Thanks =)

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    The "simple basics" you have already available, installed with Painter 8.

    In addition to the obvious and important suggestion to ...

    Read the Painter 8 User Guide or, if you've installed the Painter 8.1 patch, the updated version for Painter 8.1 downloadable at ...

    ... there are three tutorials available for Painter 8 you can access via ...

    Help > Tutorials

    They are:

    Sketching with Pencils, Charcoal, and Pastels (.pdf, 233 KB)

    Sketching and Drawing with the Pens (.pdf, 780 KB)

    Coloring a Drawing Using Digital Water Color (.pdf, 488 KB)

    When you've read through the Painter 8 User Guide and have become familiar with how it's laid out and what it contains, refer to it often. When you find something confusing, let us know specifically what it is you don't understand and refer to the chapter, section title, and page number so we can take a look at what it says.

    After you've worked through the three tutorials above, you'll be in much better shape to move on to other tutorials found on the Web.

    There are many free basic tutorials on my PixelAlley site written for Painter 5/5.5, Painter 6, and Painter 7 that will then be fairly easy for you to adapt for use in Painter 8 (many of the features are the same in all versions):

    On Jeremy Sutton's site, there are a handful of tutorials useable in Painter 8 at:

    Lots of tutorials written for Photoshop can be adapted for Painter but you'll first need to know your way around the program a bit.

    Again, bite the bullet and spend a few hours reading the Painter 8 User Guide. It contains most of what you'll need to know and what's not there we can tell you if you describe what it is, specifically that you want to know.

    Always include your platform and OS version, Painter version including patch number (if any), and complete details about your problem or question. Otherwise, we won't be able to help you much.

    Happy Reading!
    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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    Thanks alot

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