Hey there, everyone, this is my first forum post here, so please excuse me if it's a bit noobish.

This is a piece I sketched up just tonight while working on trying to expand my subject matter outside of just anthromorphic creatures - I decided to do a space marine sort of heavy soldier. He's carrying a submachine gun, and is decked out in thick padded kevlar armor designed to stop bullets. The entire suit is Hermetically sealed (I think that's the right term) and is designed to be somewhat self-repairing to keep oxygen leaks form occurring.

The entire suit is based on the design of a bomb squad suit - the high collar and the helmet especially. Things I currently don't like about it are actually very few. I don't like the design of the SMG - I'm still working on my gun design skills. And the chest plate looks like boobs - which isn't neccessarily that bad, but suggests a female wearer, and I was trying to keep it unisex.

Please, freely critique. I'm looking for all manner of input.