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    Book Guru thank you for all the information, i will be applying for the prep courses. Do i have to make sure that my mail arrives at the academy before the end of May ? It is a silly question but this way i know exactly when i should send it and to make sure that i can send my latest studies so i dont feel that i didnt show my best attempts.
    You have mentioned that russian students get free supplies and maybe i have missed it but do foreign students buy the their own ?
    How big are the chances as a foreign student to get a room on the campus ? Because money is an issue and only if i manage it very well i will get around for the year.
    Another thing that i am wondering is that i speak russian already(im originaly from oezbekistan but grew up in europe) so in case i would be accepted i could make a deal with the academy because i dont need russian language lessons.

    Could you please be so kind and take a look at my sketchbook, your honesty would be appreciated , just tell me how much chance i make to get an invitation.

    Are there people who are sure that they are applying ? If we meet in october i would be glad to help anyone with translations.

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