Yo Thankz to the moderater for correcting my mistake...my bad..lol..
Basicaly the post which i put up was if anyone out there could give me some advice on which courses would be good to take to enchance my skills..See all i love doing is drawing comic/fantasy/sci-fi type of stuff(u know SPAWN,CONAN,KAZAR type of stuff)..I just started gettin back into drawing after a LONG break Due to losin a very close chlidhood friend and was looking at doin a course from home but it seems all the best courses are in the States and i'm from London,England..But last night i did have alook at the JOE KUBERT site and was impressed in the correspondence courses..so i might take it up cause it seems very good.But i just wanted to know if there was any other courses that would be benifical to me?..I was also wondering if taking up a cartooning course would be a good idea?..Man jus want drawing concept type of art to be my career..God Bless