Hey everyone,

I need your help with an issue I might need to deal with pretty soon.
I'll try to make the long story short:

I'm a 2D animator with a BFA in Animation and 2 years of work experience (Full time and Freelance) and I applied to a few MA/MFA animation programs around the world in order to start a more interesting and fulfilling career abroad.

I got accepted to a few of places in the UK (Including Edinburgh College of arts) but US is my top priority. So here's the bottom line:

I just got accepted to the animation MFA program in MCAD and now i'm waiting for the reply from Calarts. Thing is, If I do get accepted to both I'll have to make a choice. A very quick and critical one between these two institutes.

My dilemma has a few factors that require attention:

1. The Program:

I'm a very traditional animator. I work both in the classic and digital manner, but my main interest is to better myself and make my style and skills "complete", to take my own animativ language to the next level. And like every artist, I still have alot to learn.

Taking that in mind, MCAD suits me more. It's a mentor based program, very personal, very supportive to your personal interest and style. It's pretty much what I'm loathing for. Now, Calarts have only an "Experimental Animation" MFA program. In the end, you may choose to make a more traditional Grad project, but the department itself will definetly try to push me to the more "artsy" and experimental approach. Which is interesting and enjoyable, but It'll not exactly fit me that well.

Also take in to mind that I already worked with experimental techniques in my BFA (Our BFA here is Israel is 4 years and very different than ones in the US, it's like a heavy mixture of both Calarts Programs- Character and experimental). So again, I'm seeking a more personalized program.

1. Career:

This is probably the biggest issue I have to deal with. My plan does not include going back to my home country. I plan to stay in the US and work permanently. So after my student visa expires I'll have to find a decent fulltime job pretty quick. So this is the main issue I'd like you guys to help me with, if you can.

I know that finding a job after finishing Calarts is an easy task if your portfolio and exprience is good. They have lots of work connections and career placement programs and their location is obviously a plus that serves this purpose.

But what about MCAD? are they helful with careers? do they have good job placement programs for graduation animators? Is it easy enough for someone who graduated from there to find a job that'll support his visa? (considering he already has work experience, Festivals in his resume and a BFA + MFA)

In other words, is the difference critical? my biggest nightmare will be to finish my studies and have no job for a while, which will mean I have to go back to my country- broke.

now , there are also financial factors (MCAD is more likely to support financially than Calarts), But those are decisions I need no help with. It's the career thing I have to worry about.

So, sorry for the daunting length of this post. I tried to make it as detailed as I could. Hope you wouldn't be too bored to reply

Thanks in advance!


Amit Tishler

Btw, If you're wondering about my style of work so far- check out these films:

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