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    Question Tips or advice with expanding concept art range

    I was hoping all you veteran (or new) concept artists migh part with some of your wisdom. I've read a little bit about concept art, and in a nut shell what I have learned would be that concept art is about getting the 'feel' of the piece, as well as coming up with many ideas and, keeping the bits that are wanted from each and wittling it down until you're happy with the whole lot.

    Now, I've been trying to come up with concepts myself, but I end up only drawing about 2 or 3 pieces for each character or item. And out of one item or character the few designs don't differ that much.
    Perhaps it's because since I'm designing these for myself, and I'm not much of a pencil man (they're designs for sculpting) you could argue I have a good idea what I want them to look like already.

    But I want more designs, and I want the concepts to reach out farther than I've been going.

    So basically, does anyone have any great advice to help coming up with designs? Would writting down a list of 'rules' or 'ideals' for each design help perhaps? Come on, you guys are absolutely amazing! Share your wisdom!

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    Trying different methods could help, such as starting from pure silhouettes and try to make different ones, then carve in from there. I have seen some people get good result from using brushes that create random shapes as well as a starting point. Coming up with good design is the ever-presenting challenge. Studying existing designs you like and sketching things with shapes you like can greatly expand your library. When it comes to character design, I found it helpful to come up with a bit of a back story as I go.

    Hope this helps!

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    If you are working in Games it depends on your AD and how much leeway they give you, some will start with an idea like medieval cyberpunk. You need to know enough about movements in history and art history to know what deco buildings or Victorian dress looks like. If the game designer or writer has Ideas, I get those fleshed out first and then riff on them on my own. In movies you have treatments and they usually have descriptions that relate to some other thing or historical time. You also need to think about race, and overall color palettes for groups or areas to make them stand out. Everything needs to have a visual ramification to it to instantly recognize it.
    The ways I push a design is to break it into categories and then change the answers; this will work for figures,creatures, machines, architecture, costumes, even landscapes

    Color/ cool colors or warm colors
    value/ dark or light overall appearance
    texture/ fur, metal, smooth, rough
    edge shape/ pointy,oval, boxy
    age/ future, past , retro
    By thinking about the abstract design instead of what you know the thing is it allows you to push the limitations you would normally have.

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