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    I'm thinking of going to a community college in California...

    If I go, I plan to major in Graphic Design. I need one that has dorms, and I'd like for their to be stores around the area.

    Can someone from the area who has experience being a student give me their opinion?


    I'm doing research on my own, and this is a list I found. I'm gonna search, and find out more, but I just wanted some info from people who were/are actually from around the area.
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    I went to Monterey Penninsula College in central California. Im not sure if they have a graphic design degree, but it was a great place to burn through all of my general ed before art school for fairly cheap. The school is really nice too, about a half mile from the beach and cheap housing within a mile or so of the school.

    Going to a cheaper place like that is a great way to save money so your not in the expensive school for quite as long.
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    the community college of san francisco is cheap and they have a graphic design dept, i *think* they have dorms, and theres tons of stores, but i dont know how you would like living in a busy city.

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    Ok, so I know this thread is kinda old but I thought I'd chime in just in case. I'm not sure where in California you're interested in, but I live in LA and I go to El Camino College in Torrance. They don't really advertise it but they have a really good graphic design program with some great teachers (two taught at Art Center in Pasadena, one taught at Loyola Marymount and USC). They have a decent amount of classes, and if you take them a second time the teachers will give you advanced assignments. The art lab also has the latest software if you need that, and a nice large format printer! And about 8 people that I've had classes with got into Art Center last semester.

    I haven't actually taken a physical class at Santa Monica College, but I took an online class there in print design and I liked it. The campus and surrounding area is nice as well. Santa Monica has the fancy stores and walkable areas. Plus you can ride the "Blue Bus" around Santa Monica for free with a school ID!

    Neither has dorms though (but I don't know of any community colleges that have dorms). Let me know if you have any questions about those schools or the area.

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    I teach a color class at Chabot College in Hayward. No dorms, no stores around, my class is excellent! ~Mark

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