I am the founder of PsyberArts Studios and we are beginning a rather ambitious MMO project. The Children of Nowi (Working Title) plans to be a new innovation in MMO gaming, where the players have the ultimate control of what happens and how it happens.

There is more information available in the concept document that we are in the process of drafting up, but that's where you come into play!

Ok, so.. now that I've banged on my drum a little, here's what we need:


Ok, let me be more specific

Right now, Our Art Department is Lacking. In fact, you would be the FIRST MEMBER! (it's hard to find artists these days)

More specifically, we need the following

Art Department Lead (Manage The Art Department, report to Producer(s), you know the usual management stuff)
Concept Artist (1 or 2)
3d Artists (a few)
Texture Artists (again a few, or can be combined with 3d Artists)
Environment Artists (BIG World, needs lots of color)
Effects Artists (Make Booms look pretty)
Animators (Character as well as environment)
Sprite/2d Artists
Prop Artists

So, what do you get?

I can't pay you, which is why this is in the volunteer section. However you may use this project to grow your portfolio. I don't require a NDA (yet) or an IP Release (yet) However even if I do, I will release the rights to the individual artists for portfolio pieces, or other terms we agree upon.

There is a Potential for Revenue Share, or possible paid work in the future as we get closer to having something I can take to potential investors. Never know what may happen

For new artists, people looking to break into the industry, This is also a LEARNING environment. I welcome people who have little experience, and we may come up with a mentor/men-tee program where 2 people work on the same piece and the mentor gets final say on the direction, etc..

So, what do you need?

YOURSELF! Seriously though, we are building the project on the Unity Platform unless we can find some programmers who want to build an engine from the ground up complete with networking and everything else that's needed.

Any Development Tools are accepted. Maya/Max/Blender/Mudbox/Zbrush/Pencil and Paper etc.. Just bring your creativity and imagination!!

Sign up on the forums at or toss me a PM here and I'll get back to you ASAP

Thanks For Reading this Long, Boring Post!